One of Denmark's most knowledge-intensive areas

At INCUBA Skejby, you become part of one of Denmark's most knowledge-intensive areas within life science. In this dynamic environment with several major healthcare players, you have the opportunity to develop your business in collaboration with us and other companies.

The life science cluster includes Scandinavia's largest university hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, MedTech Innovation Consortium, VIA University College, Aleris Hamlet and many more.

6 500

Square metres




Office sizes

Shared labs & lab shop

At INCUBA, companies within life science, health & biotech have the opportunity to use high-quality shared laboratory facilities. There is both a cell lab and a general lab with world-class equipment that companies, spinouts and entrepreneurs in INCUBA can utilise. There is also a lab shop where the right products and quantities are always on the shelves for the companies' daily work in the labs.

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Great shared space and networking

As a company in INCUBA, we have had the opportunity to expand our physical settings, both with new laboratories and offices as the needs arose. We are also happy to be part of the INCUBA community because clinical researchers and biotech are based here and it’s a great network to be part of. At BioXpedia, we want to continue to be part of the clinical research, life science and biotech that is emerging in many places, including here in Aarhus, and INCUBA gives us that.

- Mogens Kruhøffer, CEO of BioXpedia

  • In Skejby, INCUBA has 6,500 m2 + storage space for rent. The offices are divided into five buildings with two and three floors.
  • Buildings 1-3 are connected via a glass passageway, while buildings A and B are accessed via an outdoor walkway.
  • Office sizes range from 14 m2 to 250 m2.
  • On each floor, all offices have access to spacious meeting rooms, open lounge and work areas, phone booths and kitchenettes.
  • At the main entrance in building 3 is INCUBA’s reception, which is the heart of the service for companies.
  • Here, you also find a coffee station where you can refuel on caffeine and read the daily newspaper.
  • Next to the reception is the companies’ mailroom and printing facilities. There are also print rooms on all other floors.
  • A lease at INCUBA Skejby includes access to a canteen, parking spaces and Scandinavia’s largest university hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, as your neighbour.
  • INCUBA Skejby is primarily home to life science and biotech companies with their own laboratories, dark labs for robotics and experimental facilities.
  • Opportunity to rent office space with access to laboratory facilities.
  • INCUBA Skejby is located in the centre of Business Park Skejby with the Light Rail right outside the door.
  • Business Park Skejby is a unique business area with more than 150 companies and over 20,000 employees.
  • INCUBA Skejby is part of the life science cluster, which includes VIA University College, Aleris Hamlet, Social and Health School and AROS Applied Biotechnology.

Ideal location and great collaboration

We moved to INCUBA Skejby in 2020 to expand the company with our own research laboratories and animal facility, which are essential for our research. The location is ideal for a biotech company like NMD Pharma, where we translate cutting-edge basic research into medicines through clinical research. We’re close to the researchers and patients in the clinic because our partner Aarhus University Hospital, the largest hospital in Northern Europe, is right next door. And we’re also close to other companies in INCUBA, with whom we have developed several collaborations over the years.

Thomas Holm Pedersen, founder and CEO of NMD Pharma

A shared working spirit

For us, it was obvious to establish ourselves in an entrepreneurial environment like INCUBA close to Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, who have been our partners for many years. INCUBA provides us with everything we need to continue our company’s growth in our own dedicated incubation environment with all it entails from healthcare sector experts and many leading life science companies who share a common spirit of collaboration.

- Lotte Hatt, CSO at Arcedi Biotech

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