Professional networking in INCUBA

Through facilitated and professional networking events, INCUBA strengthens companies’ ability to collaborate across the 175 companies which INCUBA houses.

Networking that enables potential collaborations, synergies and knowledge-sharing and contributes to the companies’ development and growth.

Through the networking opportunities, INCUBA supports the companies' growth and development by creating a setting where they can exchange knowledge, create partnerships and utilise synergies across the IT/tech, cleantech and life science.

INCUBA networking groups

The networking groups within different segments such as Sales & Marketing and HR, Finance & Administration provide a platform for experience sharing, sparring and inspiration.

The participants in the networking groups, which include CEOs, founders and experts in the field, can discuss different challenges, share best practices and discuss new trends and technologies in their field.

This creates a dynamic and enriching environment where companies can learn from each other and find common solutions to industry-specific challenges.

Networking opportunities in INCUBA contribute to strengthening the innovative and competitive profile of companies and create a dynamic ecosystem where ideas flourish and opportunities arise.

Hub-specific network meetings

In addition to the experience groups, INCUBA also organises hub-specific networking meetings tailored to the IT/tech, cleantech and life science sectors.

The meetings bring together companies and experts within each sector to share knowledge, expand their networks and create the potential for collaboration.

The meeting can include presentations from key industry figures, panel debates, workshops and networking activities ؎ all aimed at promoting collaboration and accelerating innovation within specific sectors.

Professional development and inspiration

INCUBA’s experience groups are a source of professional development and inspiration. Meeting other professionals with common interests gives me the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, which strengthens my professional development.

Danny Lajer, Sales Director at Eficode

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Jacob Mogensen

Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations