Get professional sparring with INCUBA’s Mentor Team

INCUBA’s mentor team supports startups and scaleups in all phases of their development. We offer a wide range of mentoring opportunities ranging from product development and business models to strategic direction, sales, funding and scaling.

Whether you need a long-term mentoring programme, want to establish an advisory board or just need a few sparring sessions, our mentoring team is ready to help.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we connect you with one or more mentors who have the relevant skills and expertise to meet your specific needs.

Our mentor team is dynamic and constantly evolving to ensure that we offer the most relevant mentors that match business demand. We’re dedicated to finding the right mentors to help your organisation grow and succeed.

Mentoring - a shortcut to success

An experienced mentor can be the key to avoiding strategic challenges and costly missteps. At INCUBA, we offer a mentoring team dedicated to helping companies in the science park achieve faster and greater growth. Our mentors volunteer their time, knowledge and network to help you avoid pitfalls and create positive results.

We handle the entire process of matching companies with the right mentors. We screen both mentors and companies to ensure the best match, and facilitate the initial process. Our mentors have expertise in a variety of areas, including product development, business models, strategy, sales, finance and scaling.

Committed and dedicated collaboration

A typical mentoring programme runs for a year and involves a minimum of four meetings and ongoing dialogue. We expect both the company and the mentor to be committed and dedicated to the collaboration. In addition to individual mentoring, we can also help you find competent profiles for your company’s advisory board or board of directors through our extensive network.

As an added benefit, you can attend our pitch event, Gin and Tech, where our mentor team and an experienced audience will pressure test your business models and ideas in a relaxed and informal setting.

Write or call us if to hear more about the mentor team at INCUBA and your opportunities here.

Jacob Mogensen

Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations