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Aarhus has a number of international class research environments. INCUBA is at the centre of the three strong clusters along the knowledge axis from the Cleantech cluster on Navitas over the IT cluster at Katrinebjerg and the Health cluster in Skejby.

Join the INCUBA environment

Get access to a unique network and ideal growth conditions for your company.

Concentrate on your business

As a tenant in INCUBA, you have a professional appearance externally – and an efficient service set-up internally. You also have the opportunity to supplement and support your business development with sparring, consultancy and networking facilitated by INCUBA.

Complete flexibility

At INCUBA you only rent the office space that you require. Rent covers both your own premises, the many common areas, the manned receptions and the services that follow. You can always expand your office as your business grows, or scale back if required.

If you are interested in finding out more about office space and your opportunities in INCUBA, then please call or write to us.

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“As a Cleantech cluster organisation, INCUBA Navitas is the right place to be, where we’re close to the right companies, public stakeholders and knowledge institutions.”
Leon Aahave Uhd, CLEAN
“IT-Forum holds around 60 annual events and a large part of these are held at INCUBA. Access to facilities with space for up to 200 participants is quite unique for an association like IT-Forum.”
Bo Sejer Frandsen, it-forum
“At INCUBA we enjoy the benefits of the respected research environment in Aarhus and the good office and prototype facilities that we can make use of here.”
Jan Erik Vest, Glovac
“"INCUBA offers high standard laboratory facilities and environments. The service functions they provide together with the opportunity to continuously expand office space mean that we can focus on the growth and development of the company.””
Morten Melbye, AROS Applied Biotechnology A/S
“INCUBA delivers a really high-level of service in all operating functions, which normally eat up a lot of an entrepreneur's precious time. This lets us concentrate 100 per cent on running our business.”
Thomas Redder Laursen, UNSILO
“We chose INCUBA for our company because we wanted a professional and flexible environment. The level of service provided by INCUBA means that we can concentrate on our business.”
Jens Gadensgaard Hermann, Scanrate Financial Systems
“By having an office in INCUBA, we get access to a unique network of competences, organisations and educational institutions within the energy and Cleantech sector – so we’re therefore staying here.”
Rasmus Martens Jakobsen, TRANSITION

Work/Network Day i INCUBA

Event: 19. november 2018
Lukket arrangement for virksomheder og mentorer i INCUBA.

Innovation, kunderejser og partnerskaber

Event: 21. november 2018
Er din virksomhed klar til fremtiden? Danske Bank inviterer til seminar i INCUBA Pier Venue.

Disrupt Berlin 2018

Event: 29. november 2018
Techcrunch afholder Disrupt arrangement i Berlin.

Building Green Aarhus 2019

Event: 3. april 2019
Årlige messe inden for bæredygtigt byggeri.


In the Knowledge category we present informative articles about new developments, trends and concepts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Companies in INCUBA


INCUBA Katrinebjerg

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INCUBA StartupLab
Bio2oil has experience in scale up of hydrothermal conversion and hydrothermal liquefactions processes as well as relevant pre- and post-treatment processes.

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INCUBA StartupLab
We offer our expertise in NGS transcriptomics at the level you may require. Let us handle everything from library preparation and QC to bioinformatics analysis or get our assistance with specific aspects of your NGS project.

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INCUBA StartupLab
Genodesk udvikler verdens hurtigste software til DNA-analyse. Kundesegmentet spænder fra individuelle forskere til store sekventeringscentre på eksempelvis hospitaler. Sekventering kan bl.a. bruges til at finde mutationer i arvemassen.

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INCUBA Katrinebjerg
Deler viden om digitale muligheder i netværksgrupper, på arrangementer og gennem rådgivning. Fokus er på digitale ledere, digitale arbejdspladser, intranet, Office 365, SharePoint, samarbejde, intern kommunikation, enterprise search, forandringsledelse, knowledge management og digitalisering.

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