Get expert help for your startup with INCUBA Advice

Are you facing challenges with legal matters, economics, tax, finance, auditing or innovation? At INCUBA, we have the right advisors to help you.

Many startups and scaleups experience challenges at some point where they need consulting to solve problems, answer questions or tackle challenges as they arise.

That’s why INCUBA has put together an experienced team of advisors ready to help you as soon as the challenge arises.

Our consulting is typically a quick Q&A that allows you to move forward with your current challenges. Please note that our consulting does not include case management or long-term consulting.

Some of the challenges that have been solved in collaboration with our consultants include:

  • How do I move forward with my idea?
  • How do I get more customers?
  • Where can I apply for funding?
  • How do I apply for a patent?
  • What can I deduct from taxes?
  • How do I create the right product for my target audience?
  • Which technologies should I (not) use to develop my product?

INCUBA Advice is a free and non-binding offer. Our consultants are available by email and phone. Together you will assess whether you need to meet in person or whether consulting can be done via email, phone or virtual meetings. When you contact us, our advisors guarantee a response within 24 hours.



Hejm Vilsgaard | Offers legal counselling  |

Bo Vilsgaard | | 40313165 |

Potter Clarkson | Offers consulting within patent, trademark and design protection |

Camilla Kiørboe | | 26216743 |


| Offers auditing, accounting and tax consulting services |

Deloitte | Jens Lauridsen | | 29728199

Beierholm | Jesper Resdal Thomsen | | 87325700 |

Startvækst | Sparring on entrepreneurship and growth|

Klavs Dahlgaard | | 41831339 |

EIFO | Consulting within financing options, e.g. loan financing, supplementary collateral for bank financing, direct equity investments |

Søren Grønbæk Nielsen | | 24492829 |

Other specialists

Maria Mærsk, MD, PhD, corporate mindfulness | Offers consulting on performance culture, work-life balance and building a good work culture and well-being | | 21775774 |

Advantis | Provides innovation consulting|

Kim Jensen | | 25297586 ||

Translucent | Offers consulting on development strategies and business models, screening, critique and validation of digital product designs, architectures, technology choices and code bases |

Thomas P. Berntsen | | 28441544 |

Call or write us to learn more about INCUBA Advice.

Jacob Mogensen

Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations