Optimise your potential in INCUBA: Physical infrastructure and growth-generating activities for your business

Welcome to INCUBA – your stepping stone to succeed as a scalable and knowledge-intensive technology company within IT, cleantech and life science.

We offer not only attractive commercial leases as the basic foundation for your business – but also growth-generating activities where you’re part of a strong network with a wide range of opportunities that strengthen collaboration and knowledge-sharing across INCUBA’s community.

We were born to accelerate the development of knowledge-intensive companies and support the transformation of research and innovative ideas into growth and jobs.

We create strong connections between companies, university environments and the established business community, and offer state-of-the-art professional facilities in a professional community.







An innovation and incubation environment

INCUBA is a science park with more than 175 dynamic companies and more than 1,800 founders, researchers, entrepreneurs, business developers and enterprising employees working side by side and inspiring each other. We create strong connections between companies, academia and the established business community, and offer state-of-the-art facilities in a professionally deep community.

We focus on the IT, cleantech and life science verticals, but house tech-heavy companies in related industries, if they match the environment and the partners of the ecosystem, who support the companies at INCUBA.

  • INCUBA started 1986 with the founding of Forskerpark Aarhus A/S by Aarhus companies and organisations.
  • The science park was founded on the initiative of the Business Contact Committee (of the City of Aarhus).
  • The purpose was to promote technology transfer from the university and encourage more researchers to start businesses.
  • Later, in 2007, Forskerpark Aarhus merged with the IT centre Katrinebjerg under the name INCUBA Science Park A/S.
  • Today, INCUBA A/S is an independent limited company with Aarhus University Research Foundation and Schouw & Co. as the largest shareholders.
  • In 2022, INCUBA realised revenue of DKK 73 million and had equity of DKK 573 million.

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At INCUBA, we create a dynamic and inspiring community, that fosters innovation, growth and collaboration. We meet the needs of our organisations and ensure a successful journey towards their goals.

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