Community - the place for future growth entrepreneurs

INCUBA’s dynamic and innovative community brings together knowledge-intensive startups, spinouts, scaleups and corporates within our three verticals; IT/tech, cleantech and life science as well as experienced advisors, ecosystem partners and investors.

This creates an environment where you have access to a highly valuable network, the necessary expertise, advice and access to funding and capital to accelerate your company’s growth journey.

In combination with our facilities and services, INCUBA’s community creates the best conditions for future growth entrepreneurs.

In INCUBA’s community, you will also meet mentors, researchers and specialists in areas that companies need on their development and growth journey.

We organise up to 80 events and networking meetings annually that help push your business forward.

We believe in a community where there is a short path from idea to action, and where a dynamic collaborative environment and exchange of knowledge and ideas help strengthen and accelerate your growth journey.

Ideal growth conditions

“Our vision is to create ideal growth conditions through networking and community for innovative companies – from the startup phase, through the scaleup stage and all the way to the established company. Located close to the university environments, INCUBA ensures close collaboration with researchers and students while creating an environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing through networking, matchmaking and events.”

Mai Louise Agerskov, CEO of INCUBA


INCUBA's community creates an environment where companies share their knowledge, experience and expertise with each other. This fosters creative ideas and collaborative projects that lead to scientific breakthroughs and new business opportunities.


Through our community, you meet and interact with other professionals and companies, leading to new connections, collaborations and potential investors or partners that help you grow your business.


INCUBA’s community fosters innovation and value creation. We help you find the right partners, advisors and other experts to push your product development in the right direction, help with the right go-to-market strategy, funding strategy, HR, sales and marketing. INCUBA also gives you access to facilities and services that help you develop, refine and test products and solutions.


We increase your visibility and help attract customers, investors and talent. If you’re part of INCUBA’s community, you also become part of INCUBA’s brand and reputation, which increases your visibility.

Incuba bomærke


Call or write us to learn more about our community and your options at INCUBA.

Camilla Dalsgaard Larsen

Head of Community & Internal Communications