Growth-generating events for INCUBA companies and the Aarhus startup ecosystem

Every year, INCUBA organises a variety of events for our companies and the Aarhus startup ecosystem.

We organise everything from networking breakfasts and summer parties for our companies to the pitch event Gin & Tech, INCUBA exclusive, Aarhus Investor Summit and the DHL relay race.

Our events give companies access to potential new collaboration opportunities, new experiences, competencies and knowledge.

INCUBA offers events for knowledge-intensive startups, spinouts and scaleups tailored to their specific growth journey.

These range from after-work meetings, workshops or seminars on topics that allow you to dive into specific topics and gain relevant knowledge and insights to drive your growth business forward.

Specialised workshop: Sales
BREAKFAST & NETWORKING - summerbrunch edition
BREAKFAST & NETWORKING - summerbrunch edition
BREAKFAST & NETWORKING - summerbrunch edition
Founders' Club
Founders' Club
Aarhus Investor Summit
Founders' Club
INCUBA Next Grand opening
Julebrunch at INCUBA Katrinebjerg
Julebrunch at INCUBA Navitas
Julebrunch at INCUBA Skejby
Founders Club

Events contribute to networking and mutual growth

We firmly believe that strong and professional networks thrive when we have a good time together. Our events give INCUBA companies a unique opportunity to create potential collaboration opportunities, exchange valuable experience and share important knowledge.

We see this as a valuable form of networking in a dynamic and professional business environment. Through our engaging events, we create a platform where companies can build relationships, utilise synergies and contribute to mutual growth.

– Ann Marie Søborg Karkov, Director of Communications, Community & Customer Experience at INCUBA

For founders, CEOs and special partners

INCUBA Exclusive is an exclusive event for INCUBA’s founders, CEOs and special partners, providing you with experts and expanding your professional network.

We have previously organised INCUBA Exclusive at ARoS Art Museum and in connection with The Ocean Race 2023.

"It's all about leadership"

It was about leadership for INCUBA Exclusive 2022, but it was also about bringing together and inspiring key people from the local innovation community.

This is what some of the participants said in the evaluation of the event:

  • “Facilitator with honest and direct communication about personal experiences and a professional theme that concerns everyone in the business community in the private and public sector.”
  • “The welcome, content of presentation and moderator.”
  • “Nothing less than an excellent event! What INCUBA does for the entrepreneurial community in Aarhus is so great, it’s really what’s needed!”
  • “Simply super work. A pleasure!”

INCUBA Exclusive 2021 - The green transition

What does the green transition mean for growth companies and corporates? That was the theme for INCUBA Exclusive for CEOs, founders and partners in 2021, when we held the event at ARoS Art Museum with both inspiring presentations, exciting panel discussions, live music and lots of networking.

Several of INCUBA’s events build a bridge to Aarhus University and give you the opportunity to get close to students and future graduates. The proximity to Aarhus University provides a unique opportunity to recruit the employees of the future.

One example is K-Dag (Career Day) at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, where you meet talented students within e.g. computer science. At K-Dag, you present your company, build relationships with potential candidates and identify talent for future positions.

Pitch event that provides feedback, advice and new contacts

INCUBA’s pitch event, Gin & Tech, is for startups, spinouts and scaleouts. The event is an opportunity to present ideas and products to mentors, investors, business leaders and other advisors who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

The aim is to provide companies with useful feedback, help them kick in doors and create a fertile ground for future collaborations and investments.

Networking, new contacts and interested investors

Through both Gin & Tech and Aarhus Investor Summit, we have been introduced to mentors who have helped us with strategies in relation to both sales and raising capital. In addition, we have made contact with business partners who can help support our sales. And at the same time, sparring and networking with other startups and larger companies in the same industry.

We have also expanded our network with several investors who have shown interest in being part of our upcoming funding round.

- Mads Harding Gliemann, co-founder & CEO of Siana

We match startups and investors

We set up meetings and matches between startups and investors. In INCUBa’s community, we offer a great network for investors – also through the Aarhus Investor Summit.

Aarhus Investor Summit is a network, community and a series of events for investors with a focus on investment opportunities in Aarhus and the entire Business Region Aarhus.

The network includes the entire spectrum of angels, family offices, and seed and venture funds. this makes the Aarhus Investor Summit the largest and broadest network for investors outside the metropolitan area.

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Co-event with Trifork for The Ocean Race 2023: ‘The Future of Tech’

At INCUBA, we annually organise a variety of events that combine both professional development and socialising for our companies and external partners.

One example is a co-event with Trifork for The Ocean Race 2023.

Here, investors, entrepreneurs and founders embarked on a journey with professional depth, a lively and engaged atmosphere and a breath-taking backdrop of Aarhus Bay and The Ocean Race.

Experience the atmosphere in the video.

Call or write us to learn more about our community and your options at INCUBA.

Camilla Dalsgaard Larsen

Head of Community & Internal Communications