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The Aarhus Investor Summit is organised by INCUBA with the aim of bringing startups, spinouts and investors together in a dynamic and inspiring setting. The Investor Summit is one of the highlights of our investor events and provides a unique opportunity to build a valuable network and explore potential investment opportunities.

As part of INCUBA’s community and investor network, you’re invited to the Aarhus Investor Summit, where you’ll experience a wide range of exciting pitches, panel discussions and networking opportunities. The summit brings together leading investors, VCs, CVCs, family offices and business angels looking for promising startups in the region.

At the Aarhus Investor Summit, capital-seeking startups and spinouts will have the opportunity to pitch on stage. You will have the opportunity to present your company to an attentive audience of investors and potential partners.

It’s your chance to share your vision, explain your business model, demonstrate your growth potential and reach the goal of your capital raising.

Our goal is to create a platform where startups can generate interest and open doors for future collaborations and funding opportunities.

In addition to pitch and feedback from experts, there will be ample opportunity to network with investors and other startups. The Aarhus Investor Summit is a unique opportunity to expand your network, gain insights into investment trends and learn from experienced professionals.

Many of our participating startups have obtained crucial funding and resources to push their company forward and realise their growth potential.

Bigger investment

We were very happy to be included as a pitch case and were very impressed with the whole event. After the pitch, multiple people guested our stand, one of which later led to a major investment. So a definite recommendation for the event from me.

- Nikolaj Zinner, co-founder of Kvantify

"Major investment"

Nikolaj Zinner from quantum startup Kvantify talks about his experiences at the Aarhus Investor Summit, where he looks back on many great conversations with both interested investors and curious, friendly people.

According to him, the remarkable thing about the summit is the deep interest people show, and in 2022, Kvantify even got a major investment from the summit.

Watch more in the video to the right.

Pressure test and valuable feedback

It‘s been a great pleasure to pressure test our pitch in front of investors and life science experts and at the same time get valuable feedback on our case – all in an informal and laid-back atmosphere.

- Kristian Mark Jacobsen, PhD, SO and co-founder of Kripthonite Therapeutics ApS

Big fan

I’m a big fan of the Aarhus Investor Summit and have attended two years in a row as both an exhibiting case and a pitch. Both years have been incredibly educational and it’s great to meet a lot of people from the business world. I think it’s a really good exercise to pitch and you get great feedback. As an exhibitor, you meet a lot of exciting people and expand your network, which is valuable.

- Sara Egsgaard Majidi, co-founder of 4C Technology

Innovation, investment and entrepreneurship

On October 5, more than 200 attendees gathered at the Aarhus Investor Summit, where business angels, VCs, family offices and accelerators met an impressive collection of capital-seeking tech startups. 11 startups from domains such as robotics, quantum technology, wave and wind energy, and AI & artificial intelligence pitched their visions to an audience of entrepreneurial investors. In addition, 26 startups exhibited in areas such as IT/tech, cleantech, food and health.

Quantum startup Kvantify and business angel Claus Hansen received the INCUBA award in the categories 'Startup of the Year' and 'Investor of the Year'.

Bringing inventions to market

Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition 2023 was held on 9 May at INCUBA Navitas, where more than 130 participants listened to keynotes and pitches from spinouts from Aarhus University. A panel of experts from life science foundations and companies provided valuable feedback for each spinout’s pitch.

The overall theme was how to best bring inventions to market and the role of investors in life science investments.

Bridging the gaps

The Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022 was held on 6 October at Aarhus City Hall, where 175 participants listened to keynotes, startup pitches and a panel discussion focusing on how we can bridge the gaps between business angels, VCs and other types of investors – in Denmark and abroad.

The biotech company, NMD Pharma, and business angel, Bo Wase, received the INCUBA award in the categories ‘Startup of the Year’ and ‘Investor of the Year’.

How to invest in knowledge-intensive and early-stage spinouts

Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition 2022 took place on 18 May at INCUBA Navitas, where more than 100 participants listened to key notes and pitches from spinouts from Aarhus University who work in pharma & diagnostics as well as bio-food tech, medtech & sustainability.

The Capital Ecosystem in Aarhus

Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2021 was held at Aarhus Town Hall in September 2021 with the participation of, among others, Maria Flyvbjerg Bo (Silicon Valley Bank), Gregers Kornborg (Rulebreakers Ventures) and Emil Andersen (Chainanalysis). Business Angel Poul Carstensen was awarded the INCUBA Award 2021 as ‘Investor of the Year’ and Ento Labs as ‘Startup of the Year’.

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Aarhus Investor Summit 2023

Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition 2023

Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022

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