Attract investors to your startup through INCUBA’s strong investor network

Our investor network is carefully selected and consists of experienced investors, business angels, venture capital funds and other financial players with an interest in supporting promising startups. The investors are all committed to evaluating and investing in new ideas, technologies and business models with high potential.

When joining INCUBA, our investor network opens the doors to exciting funding opportunities. INCUBA helps you refine your investor presentation and pitch techniques, so you can present your business in a compelling and professional way.

In addition to facilitating meetings and matchmaking between startups and investors, INCUBA offers access to exclusive investor events and pitch sessions. These allow you to increase your visibility and gain exposure to a wider range of potential investors interested in investing in innovative companies like yours.

So if you're looking for investment for your startup, the environment at INCUBA creates the optimal setting to help you and your business.

At INCUBA, we understand the importance of capital to support the growth of startups. That’s why we have built an extensive investor network that connects innovative companies with potential investors and capital partners.


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Call or write us to hear more about the investor network and your options at INCUBA.

Jacob Mogensen

Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations