Boost your startup’s success with INCUBA StartupLab – a 12-month accelerator programme within IT/tech, cleantech and life science

As a specially selected startup in the IT/tech, cleantech and life science verticals, you will have a unique opportunity to participate in our 12-month accelerator programme.

We offer the latest knowledge, crucial collaboration opportunities and important contacts to boost your business.

As part of INCUBA, you’ll be surrounded by industry leaders and related industries that can help strengthen your business.

Our experienced Director of Acceleration and Investor Relations will welcome you at the start of the programme and together, we will review expectations and milestones for the next 12 months.

As a founder of a startup in INCUBA, you get access to a number of benefits:

    • Personalised sparring and coaching in capital strategy, investor presentations, pitch training and business plans
    • Flexible ‘on-demand’ support – INCUBA Advice
    • Access to our experienced mentor network
    • Being part of a strong community of other founders
    • Participating in INCUBA events with a focus on relationship building and investor exposure

    Send us your application

    If you're interested in joining INCUBA StartupLab, please fill out an application and email it to Flemming Würtz Andersen.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Network, foundation and scaling

    "INCUBA has given us a solid base in an otherwise uncertain everyday life, but also a good network and foundation for scaling our business. We use INCUBA for sparring with their employees, but also to have a place to stay and create an everyday life around our company. We have gone from having a very early prototype and no commercial customers to today having an almost fully developed product and 20 customers in the pipeline, which we will start testing very soon. I would recommend INCUBA because we get more than just an office space."

    - Andreas Stensig, co-founder of RoboE

    More than a co-working space

    INCUBA StartupLab has already helped over 300 companies through our accelerator programme. Among these, 8% were direct spinouts from Aarhus University. Over half of the participants had a Master’s degree, 10% had a PhD., and 21% had female founders. Most importantly, 59% of these startups are still active companies today.

    (Based on a survey in the period 2007 – 2019.)

    At INCUBA StartupLab, you get more than just co-working space. We offer an inspiring environment where you can collaborate and network with other founders. You’ll have access to all of INCUBA’s exciting events, such as networking breakfasts, Thursday bars and pitch events that allow you to expand your network and connect you with potential partners and investors. Both our professional and social events are designed to create a strong sense of community and allow you to share experiences and gain valuable insights.

    As part of INCUBA StartupLab, you also get access to our extensive mentor network. We match you with experienced mentors based on your specific needs and challenges. Their expertise and guidance will help you make the right decisions and accelerate your growth.

    The perfect workplace

    Our hubs are located at attractive locations in Aarhus and provide you with the perfect workplace and all the necessary facilities, including canteen, reception, cleaning services and much more. We’ve created an environment where you can focus on developing your business while we take care of the practicalities.

    INCUBA StartupLab offers a rolling enrolment, so you can start at any time and benefit from our support and resources. You’ll have access to one-on-one coaching and mentoring with our Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations, who can help you with key areas such as funding strategy, business plan, term sheet review, investor presentation and introduction to investors. We’re here to help you strengthen your business and achieve your growth goals.

    Incuba bomærke


    ATLAS Engineering ApS

    ATLAS Engineering ApS


    ATLAS Engineering udvikler specialmaskiner og andre stålkonstruktioner til alle industrier, herunder testmaskiner og håndteringsudstyr. Vi leverer konceptudvikling, 3D CAD, 2D, analytiske beregninger samt FEM.
    Benefix ApS

    Benefix ApS


    Benefix er en forebyggende sundhedsordning, som producerer effektive e-lærings kurser - samlet ét sted. Formålet er at sikre lav sygefraværsprocent samt høj arbejdsglæde i større private virksomheder.
    Clutch Nutrition ApS

    Clutch Nutrition ApS


    Clutch® Nutrition is an award-winning foodtech developing intelligent nutrition through documented science and research. We design future foods for the benefit of people's well-being in a busy world.
    CyberMinds ApS

    CyberMinds ApS


    CyberMinds vil som de første i Danmark skabe et dedikeret freelance bureau indenfor IT-sikkerhedskonsulenter. Vi ønsker at øge kvalitetsoplevelsen hos både kunden og konsulenterne ved at være vidende niche-specialister, der bedre end andre kan italesætte konsulenternes kompetencer og værdiskabelsen i dem.
    LeadFighter ApS

    LeadFighter ApS


    MedicQuant ApS

    MedicQuant ApS


    MedicQuant is a medtech startup that is revolutionizing patient care by developing a tool that measures drug levels at the point of care. This provides clinicians with the crucial information they need for rapid and life-saving management of patients.
    Reevela Technology Systems ApS

    Reevela Technology Systems ApS


    Reevela leverages vision AI to transform boutique hotels & restaurants into interactive interior design showrooms, allowing guests to discover and purchase the interior items they fall in love with, on the spot.
    RoboE ApS

    RoboE ApS


    RoboE er ved at udvikle et end-of-arm-tool til cobots, som gør at små- og mellemstore produktionsvirksomheder kan automatisere deres gevindskæring, der i dag udføres manuelt i dårlige arbejdspositioner. Dette skaber værdi for den enkelte, SMV’erne og samfundet.

    Access to investors and close dialogue with other companies

    Through networking events at INCUBA, we have gained access to a number of investors that we would not have met otherwise. In particular, we saw a lot of interest after our presentation at the Aarhus Investor Summit in the autumn of 2022.

    Another unique aspect of INCUBA is that we can have such close dialogue with other companies in the INCUBA community. INCUBA made their expertise and network available to us, and this has opened a number of doors for us; Greenlab Skive, among others, has been a really good partner.

    Rune Bloom, CTO at Crestwing


    Inspiration for investor pitch deck

    • Executive summary: Your entire pitch deck on one slide
    • Problem: Describe the problem
    • Solution: What is your solution and how does it stand out?
    • Market: Customer types, market size, geography
    • Business model: How do you build your business and how do you make money?
    • Organisation: Briefly describe the team, board and advisory board
    • Roadmap, timeline and milestone: What have you achieved so far and what is the plan for the next 12-36 months?
    • The competition: Who, how many and why are you the best? Assess competitors based on key parameters
    • Financials: 2-5 years forecast of expenses, investments and revenue so you can communicate a capital requirement and expected burn rate
    • Capitalisation: Describe what you need (capital, resources, etc.), how far it will last and what the money will be spent on
    Call or write us to hear more about StartupLab and your options at INCUBA.

    Flemming Würtz Andersen

    Strategic Advisor