Pioneers in new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases become part of INCUBA Skejby

Teitur Trophics is a company working to find new treatments for neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease. Founded by four biomedical researchers, Teitur Trophics is a spinout from Aarhus University and has been based at INCUBA Skejby since April 2024.

Teitur Trophics' vision extends beyond just running a business - they strive to create a meaningful impact on the lives of patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. By developing new drugs, Teitur Trophics is working to create new treatments for patients suffering from conditions such as Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease and Frontotemporal dementia. These diseases affect memory, behaviour, movement, mood and shorten the lives of millions of people and Teitur strives to improve the lives of these patients.

Teitur Trophics was founded in 2020, where the four founding researchers, Simon Mølgaard, Simon Glerup, Anders Dalby and Mathias Ollendorff, had previously made a remarkable discovery during their biomedical research. They found a new approach to preserving brain cells when they normally die and disappear when people are affected by neurodegenerative diseases. They then spun the discovery out of Aarhus University and thus Teitur Trophics was born as a company.

‘Now we have reached a point where we have an exploratory product in development, which we are developing to create a drug that will go through clinical trials in humans. We believe that our discovery will make a difference for people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders to help them live longer, better and happier lives. If we can change the lives of just a few people, it's worth it,’ says CEO Simon Mølgaard.

The spinout company is well on its way to realising its ambition of bringing a drug to market. Teitur Trophics received a significant investment of €28M in March 2023, which means the company will be ready to test the drug on humans already in 2025. In addition, the capital will also be invested in the company's upcoming pipeline, which includes other drug candidates for e.g. the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Sanne Nordestgaard, Laboratory Technician, Anders Dalby, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Emil Gregersen, Senior Scientist, Simon Mølgaard, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

INCUBA - Home for innovation

INCUBA has proven to be the perfect environment for Teitur Trophics' growth and development. Together with other biotech companies, they benefit from a rich life science environment and access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

‘We chose INCUBA because we had heard great things about it from other companies such as NMD Pharma, Draupnir Bio and Muna Therapeutics. We have been incredibly happy with our time at Biomedicine at Aarhus University and all the support we have received, but we also felt that it was time to become an independent unit in a great environment with our own offices and laboratories where we could grow and develop,’ says Simon Mølgaard, adding:

‘Living side by side with other biotech companies also means a lot to us, while being closer to Aarhus University Hospital is an advantage. Moving out here has also been an extremely good experience. It has been completely problem-free and we have been able to continue our work completely uninterrupted.’

Simon Mølgaard, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Teitur Trophics, INCUBA Skejby. See the rest of the team here.

  • Teitur Trophics was founded in 2020 by four researchers Simon Mølgaard, Simon Glerup, Anders Dalby and Mathias Ollendorff
  • The company is a spinout from Biomedicine at Aarhus University
  • The company currently has eight employees and a team of 30 experts
  • Teitur is Old Norse for happiness
  • Teitur Trophics became part of INCUBA Skejby on 1 April 2024, where the company has its own laboratories and offices