Strong link between Aarhus University and companies in INCUBA

The latest IMPACT analysis for 2023 shows that the strong connection between Aarhus University and companies in INCUBA remains a key element. The analysis shows that 59% of companies in INCUBA have collaborated with the university in the past year.

INCUBA has more than 30 years of experience in creating the optimal framework for, among other things, spinouts that arise from research-based knowledge. The proximity to the university and research institutions gives companies access to the latest knowledge, research facilities and experts in the specific areas needed.

An example of this close collaboration is the Danish Life Science Cluster, a Danish national cluster that facilitates collaboration and innovation within life science and welfare technology. Lotte Kappel, Community Manager at Danish Life Science Cluster, says: "Our grant from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science has made it possible to employ a knowledge bridge employee at Aarhus University. In this way, a bridge is built between our organisation, future companies from the university and potential collaboration opportunities."

Another example is Partisia, a spinout from Aarhus University established by internationally recognised researchers and experts in advanced cryptography, business economics and software development. CTO Peter Frandsen says: "We have a regular collaboration with researchers from computer science at Aarhus University, and in addition, we also recruit new talent from the computer science programme."

The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University is ranked in the top three in the world in the field of cryptology. The department is internationally recognised for research in a wide range of computer science topics, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, databases, information visualisation, human-machine interaction, programming languages, program verification, security and cryptology.

The department currently has around 800 students at bachelor, master and PhD level and has a strong international focus, attracting researchers and students from all over the world. The department also collaborates closely with the business community on study and research projects.

"At the Department of Computer Science, we actively contribute to business collaboration and innovation to create growth and development in society. We do this in collaboration with the business community, and INCUBA provides a fantastic framework for this. Our alumni have attracted Google, VMWare and Uber to Aarhus, and these companies were initially given space in INCUBA. Several strong IT and blockchain companies in INCUBA are also spun out of the institute, such as Partisia, Sepior, SCALGO and Kvantify. Several companies move into INCUBA to get close contact with our students and recruit them through projects and student jobs," says Kaj Grønbæk, Professor, Head of Department of Computer Science.

The close connection between Aarhus University and INCUBA's companies not only provides a strong research and innovation platform, but also helps drive growth and development across multiple sectors. A combination of world-class education and a growing field of entrepreneurs provides innovative IT and tech companies with unique opportunities in Aarhus to foster innovation and growth, but also emphasises the importance of collaboration between academia and business in creating sustainable and competitive solutions.

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