Gin & Tech bridges the gap between startups and the ecosystem

Four times a year, startups from the Aarhus ecosystem get the opportunity to pitch their business to investors, mentors, CEOs and founders in INCUBA's network at the pitch event Gin & Tech. Here, up to ten different early-stage startups pitch their concepts, products and solutions to the audience, after which all participants have the opportunity to network, share knowledge and make new contacts.

At this year's first Gin & Tech on 27 February, seven startups pitched to approximately 100 key people from INCUBA's network. One of them was Phonestamp, which became part of INCUBA StartupLab in January 2024.

The two founders Marianne Fibæk and Morten Tranberg presented how PhoneStamp makes it possible for smaller shops, cafés, etc. to digitise their customer loyalty. The company has taken the best of the well-known cardboard stamp cards, namely customer anonymity, and added the digital benefits that shops are looking for, data and communication.

With PhoneStamp, smaller stores can create their very own branded app that, in addition to digitising their stamp cards, can also help them increase their brand value, provide them with data on the use of their loyalty programme and send their messages directly to their loyal customers. With the specially designed handheld stamp, it's just as easy to give stamps on the phone as it is with the old-fashioned cardboard cards.

Founder Marianne Fibæk was happy to have the opportunity to pitch: "It was a really good experience to talk about our company at Gin & Tech. It's always a bit nerve-wracking to put yourself out there like that, but since we've landed safely in INCUBA, it was actually just a confirmation that the network and people from the ecosystem want startups like us. We got some great contacts and suggestions for next steps from the event, which we look forward to following up and working on," she says.

The Gin & Tech event is one of INCUBA's growth-generating events for both companies in the science park and startups in the Aarhus ecosystem. The startups pitching at Gin & Tech represent a wide range of products and solutions, typically with a focus on innovation and tech.

Jacob Mogensen, Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations at INCUBA, was happy to see the engagement from investors, mentors and other key people from the ecosystem: "It's great to see how many good people participated in this year's first edition of Gin & Tech. Besides giving startups a platform to pitch their ideas, Gin & Tech is also a unique networking opportunity. Here, companies can meet potential new partners, investors and mentors who can help open doors to capital, skills and knowledge that can contribute to their growth and success," he says.

Gin & Tech is just one of the events that emphasise INCUBA's mission to support startups. If you are interested in joining INCUBA StartupLab or see potential in pitching at one of our events, please contact Jacob Mogensen, Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations at or tel. +45 6171 8162

Morten Tranberg, Marianne Fibæk og Jacob Mogensen, Gin & Tech d. 27/2-2024