Basic research is essential for biotech - TV2 News visits NMD Pharma in INCUBA Skejby

oday, TV2 News visited NMD Pharma at INCUBA Skejby for an interview about why basic research is essential for biotech.

"Basic research is the prerequisite for development. NMD Pharma stands on the shoulders of CEO Thomas Holm Pedersen's research at Aarhus University. Basic research therefore forms the entire basis for the establishment of the company, 32 jobs and ultimately the development of a new drug," says Innovation Manager Martin Skov to TV News and adds:

"It is crucial for NMD Pharma and other biotech and pharmaceutical companies that basic research comes from the universities, and we would like to encourage politicians to invest more in this."

NMD Pharma is researching methods to strengthen the relationship between nerve and muscle to restore muscle strength in patients with muscle weakness. NMD Pharma has since identified several rare muscle diseases where the treatment can be beneficial. The aim is to develop a new drug for patients with neuromuscular diseases, which can affect the ability to speak, walk or control the eyes, for example.

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Startup of the year 2022

In the autumn of 2022, NMD Pharma won the INCUBA award for Startup of the Year, which jury member Poul Nielsen, Regional Director at Danske Bank, explained as follows:

"The sunshine story of NMD Pharma, which emerged from Thomas Holm Pedersen's PhD study at Aarhus University, is admirable. The biotech company has evolved from employing only scientists to now having a broad team of competencies ranging from animal keepers in laboratory animal facilities to pharmaceutical specialists working on developing the biotech company's drug in their own laboratories. All based in Aarhus, where they have insisted on staying." Read more here