Move into INCUBA Next and become part of a leading IT campus in Northern Europe – and a hub for business, academia and investors

With its business-promoting environment and community, INCUBA Katrinebjerg plays a central role in what can be described as a leading IT campus in Northern Europe.

As a science park, INCUBA has for more than 30 years been a hub for startups, scaleups, researchers and students across the verticals IT, cleantech and life science.

With INCUBA’s strong IT and tech community, close proximity and ties to Aarhus University, INCUBA bridges the gap between research, students and business and creates optimal growth and business conditions for the innovative companies of the future.

Experience INCUBA Next at Katrinebjerg

Welcome to INCUBA Next at Katrinebjerg in the IT city in Aarhus. Mai Louise Agerskov, CEO of INCUBA, invites you to experience the unique setting we have created for tech and software companies.

In this video, Mai Louise Agerskov explains how INCUBA Next gives startups, spinouts from Aarhus University, scaleups, SME tech companies and knowledge-intensive corporates the opportunity to become part of an exclusive and innovative environment.

Common to everyone in our community is a strong focus on innovation and growth.

Newly constructed office space in INCUBA Next

With the new INCUBA Next extension at Katrinebjerg in Aarhus, we’re able to offer growth-oriented technology companies a state-of-the-art and efficient environment for growth.

Here you will have access to:

• Customised and scalable leases
• Skilled labour and new talent in the local area
• High-quality facilities
• One of Aarhus’ highest points, overlooking the entire bay
• Open roof terraces with access to green spaces
• Attractive workspaces, lounge areas and meeting and event facilities
• Excellent restaurant and café

And much more. Read more in the magazine, which you can download here:

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Kvantify chooses INCUBA Next

Meet quanttech company Kvantify and one of its three founders Nikolaj Zinner, who talks about the company's development and their vision to become part of the future software ecosystem in INCUBA Next.

Move into INCUBA Next in 2024

”For more than 30 years, INCUBA has been the focal point for knowledge-intensive startups and scaleups across the verticals of IT, cleantech and life science.

With the new INCUBA Next extension, we will be able to offer an exclusive and fantastic setting for what we call scaleups: Startups that have progressed further on their journey – high-growth businesses that face a major challenge in attracting the right tech talent to develop further.

The vision of INCUBA Next is to offer an ideal setting for these types of tech scaleups customised to their exact needs,” says Mai Louise Agerskov.

Watch a video with INCUBA’s CEO talking about the vision of INCUBA Next and what the future companies can look forward to when moving in.

22 000

m² in total



1 200


Customised innovation environment for ambitious scaleups and top tech performers

The INCUBA Next extension is tailored to tech growth companies with +40 employees, and will provide a state-of-the-art and efficient settings for further growth – close to students, researchers and startups.

The building will be constructed according to the latest standards in sustainability, flexibility and intelligent solutions with focus on high user comfort.

In INCUBA Next, INCUBA provides full service for businesses:

  • Access to mentor teams, investor networks as well as daily and social events.
  • Modern meeting facilities and the option to rent rooms for courses, workshops and meetings.
  • Access to reception including customer reception, mail and parcel reception, restaurant including meeting catering, kitchenettes, printing facilities, IT and technical backup.
  • Fitness, massage, hairdressing, car wash, etc.
  • Also houses recruitment companies, auditors, lawyers, consultancies, investors and communication experts.

What INCUBA Next offers your company

Top-class facilities

  • INCUBA Next is a flexible and customisable building, where each floor can be configured to meet the individual needs of companies
  • Some of Aarhus’ best-located meeting and event facilities
  • Delicious restaurant with +300 seats

A full view of Aarhus

  • One of Aarhus’ highest points, overlooking the entire bay
  • Open roof terraces with access to green areas

Supporting networking and knowledge-sharing

  • Attractive workspaces, lounge areas and meeting and event facilities that stimulate and support networking and knowledge-sharing between companies and university environments
  • A growth driver for tomorrow’s companies

Accelerator with favourable rent for startups

  • Consulting and mentor matching for startups

Effectivity and convenience

  • Access to flexible, function-based workspaces and stimulating work environments customised for different tasks
  • Meeting rooms with modern video equipment
  • Add-on services contribute to an efficient workday: Massage, car wash, dry cleaning, fitness, breakfast
  • Payless restaurant - convenient and hygienic
  • A bike ramp with parking and shower facilities makes cycling to work easy and convenient 
  • Lifts start on floor 0 for efficient flow

Welcome to Partisia as the first company in INCUBA Next

In the summer of 2022, about two years before the extension is scheduled to be completed, the first company already signed up for a domicile in INCUBA Next. And what a first company!

We’re very much looking forwards to welcoming Partisia. Or to be more precise: we’re looking forwards to welcoming the company back, as Partisia is already and has been located in INCUBA Katrinebjerg since 2018.

Smart building management

INCUBA Next is a smart building with data-based services, so we can always make the right choices for our companies and provide them with the best service for running their business.

INCUBA Next also incorporates smart-building technologies to minimise the carbon footprint and maximise user comfort.

Sustainability and smart solutions

Gold DGNB certification:

Designed as a sustainable building according to the internationally recognised standard DGNB-Gold

Biodiversity and green facades:

Large green facades, roofs and roof terraces contribute to biodiversity, comfort and natural rainwater absorption.

BMS Building management system:

By collecting building data, an intelligent building management system (BMS) ensures that the building automatically adapts to its users – not the other way around.

This provides

Support for flexible consumption

Significant energy savings

World-class indoor climate

Hybrid diffuse ceiling ventilation with recirculating cooling units and convectors as a heat source ensures a great indoor climate with minimal energy consumption.

Strong tech environment

We’re very proud to have assembled one of the strongest quantum computing teams in Europe, and with both new capital and a new domicile in INCUBA, we can continue our positive development. In INCUBA, we will continue to be part of a strong tech environment at Katrinebjerg while being close to the brightest minds at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. We’re excited about what the future holds for us and the quantum ecosystem in Denmark.

Hans Henrik Knudsen, Co-founder & CEO of Kvantify

INCUBA Next is designed to inspire and support innovation and ensure an efficient everyday life with a high degree of convenience for companies and employees. 

In addition, INCUBA Next will include a restaurant and café as well as large common areas and meeting and event facilities to support a vibrant community across companies and the university environment.

Please contact us if you have any questions about INCUBA Next.

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Claus Svane

Director of Real Estate, Lettings and Facilities