Young entrepreneurs create engaging web-content for organizations through innovative AI-technology

Most organizations will most likely agree that content-creation for digital platforms can be quite a time-consuming discipline. Thus, to ease the process, the StartupLab-organization, Cernel, has now created a solution that, through automation of product-descriptions and web content, saves organizations for both time and resources.

The initial spark for Cernels startup-journey ignited in 2023, when the five young entrepreneurs, Andreas Busch, Mathias Fenger-Eriksen, Simon Calundan, Jonathan Nielsen & Jacob Sonne-Schmidt, committed to optimizing a discipline that is known for its time-consuming nature - namely content creation. Specifically, the StartupLab-organization provides all of their clients with their own personal “robot” which generates content that is tailored for their platforms.

Regardless of its short lifespan, the organization has already managed to save a wide range of organizations for hundreds of hours in copywriting efforts, while also generating noticeable results in terms of their clients’ organic traffic. An example of a client which the organization has helped is the Danish organization, Energidepotet, which Cernels platform has saved for more than five hundred hours of work in total.

Despite being witness to a beginning, which most startup-organizations can only dream of, Cernel has also come across challenges that are inevitable for any Startup-organization:

”The greatest challenge so far has been adapting the technology to meeting the unique and varied needs of different organizations and industries,” Mathias Fenger-Eriksen, who daily works as CTO at Cernel, explains. Thus, to further fuel the organization’s development and make it more resistant to challenges that may occur in the future, the organization recently became part of INCUBA StartupLab which now creates the framework for the SaaS-organizations every day. And regarding Cernels new home, Mathias explains:

”INCUBA is a supporting, innovative community, which strongly resonates with our own goals and ambitions. The access to numerous facilities and the possibility of networking with other organizations - who are also eager to grow - provides us with a unique chance for developing our technology and expanding our strategic reach. Being part of a community which is comprised of so many different organizations is incredibly valuable to our organization as it allows us to exchange ideas, learn from others’ experiences and find inspiration which is vital for our continuous innovation and growth.”

Over the course of the next six months, Cernel aims to increase its focus on the commercial side of its operations. Specifically, the organization intends to attract more users and expand the use of its technology, which among others will take place through exciting partnerships. For that reason, the organization recently decided to expand its team with Magnus Bruun Rasmussen, who possesses a lot of knowledge and experience within the field. Lastly, the organization also plans to concentrate on integrating “multimodal AI” and “self-learning” to further improve and develop its content generation.

Team Cernel, INCUBA Navitas