Shared labs provide a unique opportunity for new biotech startups

In INCUBA's life science hub in INCUBA Skejby, life science, health & biotech companies have had the opportunity to use shared laboratory facilities since the beginning of 2024. A good next step for biotech spinouts

Shared labs in INCUBA Skejby have been built and prepared with the aim of giving spinouts from Aarhus University an ideal place to build on their research and scale their business. To ensure the best possible and most flexible design, several life science companies were consulted during the design of the labs. The result is a state-of-the-art lab that meets the specific needs of innovative startups and spinouts that need their own domicile and the flexibility of shared labs to develop their companies. Both cell and general labs with world-class equipment are available for companies, spinouts and entrepreneurs in INCUBA to utilise.

Since April 2024, Teitur Trophics has been based in INCUBA Skejby and utilised shared labs. Founded by four biomedical researchers, Teitur Trophics is a spinout from Aarhus University working to find new treatments for neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Hear from a user of shared labs 

"Teitur is super excited about INCUBA's Shared Labs facilities, which we use to both grow and perform cell-based experiments. Shared Labs provide a unique opportunity for new biotech startups to perform the most common laboratory experiments, which require expensive equipment and can be very costly to fund even as a new startup."

- Anders Dalby, Co-founder & CSO, Teitur Trophics

Anders Dalby & the rest of the team in Teitur Trophics, INCUBA Skejby