Reevela bridges the gap between online shopping and real-world experiences

You may be familiar with the situation: You spot the vase, the pillow or the couch that would fit perfectly into your living room. There is just one problem: you do not know where to buy it. Now, however, thanks to the innovative startup-organization Reevela, that scenario is soon to be history.

Reevela is a unique, digital platform which transforms venues, such as hotels and restaurants, into impressive, interactive design-showrooms that, through cutting-edge technology, allows visitors to explore and purchase the interior items, they fall in love with, on the spot. By enabling customers to feel, touch and experience pieces of interior, they not only assist venues in monetizing their spaces but also provide brands with real-world exposure, creating value for all parties involved.

In unfolding Reevela’s fascinating startup-adventure, CEO, Lee Chamberlain, firstly highlights that being a startup organization has presented the organization with both challenges and successes. He elaborates how Reveela has effectively launched pilot showrooms, that have provided the organization with exceptionally valuable user engagement data. Nevertheless, he also underscores the inherent challenges that accompany most startups - and that to better accommodate some of those challenges themself, Reveela has recently joined INCUBA, which is now the heart of their daily operations.

According to Lee, this has provided Reevela with an ecosystem of innovation and support, which due to aspects, such as network and mentorship, has been crucial for their growth, and is “invaluable for any startup looking to scale”. When elaborating what makes INCUBA the ideal fit for Reevela, Chamberlain further explains:

“INCUBA aligns perfectly with our core values of innovation and excellence. Being surrounded by other forward-thinking companies inspires us and allows for synergies that are hard to find elsewhere. INCUBA’s large environment fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, which provide us with unique opportunities for partnerships, learning, and growth that are essential for a company like ours. INCUBA is a melting pot of ideas that fuels our creative development.”

Over the course of the next 6 months, the organization hopes to exponentially expand their network of venues and brands, while enhancing their platform with exciting new features for a more seamless experience and doubling down on their marketing efforts to increase their positive exposure.

Curious to learn more about the organization?

Then visit their website and check out their venue spaces. Additionally, if you have any comments, do not hesitate to send them to - Reevela is always open to dialogue and good ideas.

Lee Chamberlain & Jakob Høy Biegel