Re-Sit presents a greener alternative to the traditional camping chair

Each summer, festivals attract crowds of happy attendees, offering lively music and refreshing beverages. However, they also generate a significant number of abandoned camping chairs, leading to unnecessary waste. Now however, Re-Sit, a startup organisation from INCUBA StartupLab, aims to tackle this issue by introducing a circular renting system, which lays the foundation for greener and more responsible gatherings in the future.

Re-Sit is a startup organisation dedicated to fostering more sustainable festivals in the future by implementing a circular renting system for recyclable camping chairs. Specifically, the organisation aims to reduce the substantial amount of abandoned camping gear and the significant resource usage typically associated with post-event cleaning at outdoor gatherings like festivals.

Their approach offers a practical solution, where clients can easily pick up and return chairs at the location of the event. Upon returning the chairs, clients receive their deposit back, while the chairs are prepared for future events. Finally, when the chairs reach the end of their lifespan, the organisation ensures that their materials are recycled, promoting a more sustainable practice overall.

Daniel Clausen, co-founder and CEO of Re-Sit, states that he currently manages most tasks within the organisation. This includes, among other responsibilities, managing finances and accounting, handling supplier contracts, maintaining customer relations, and leading product and system development efforts.

Consequently, he is thrilled to have recently joined the innofounder program, which allows him to dedicate himself full-time to his project. Thus, Re-Sit is now situated in the inspiring environment of INCUBA Katrinebjerg, which he finds highly beneficial:

"INCUBA provides an optimal platform for startups, offering expert guidance and dialogue. Additionally, they host a diverse range of networking activities, such as events, all of which contribute to creating value for and supporting startups. Furthermore, it grants us access to a valuable network that provides essential expertise, guidance, and access to funding and capital, accelerating my entrepreneurial journey," he elaborates.

Last year, the organisation achieved an impressive rental return rate of 97% with a test setup introduced at the VIG Festival in 2023. This year, the organisation plans to revisit the festival, bringing its Re-Sit chairs and new rental system. However, the focus this year is not on participating in numerous events:

"Our hope is to establish a backend system capable of supporting our concept and to finalize the development of our Re-Sit chair," he explains, noting that securing festival deals can be a lengthy process.

Line Hove Sørensen & Daniel Clausen, co-founders of Re-Sit, INCUBA Katrinebjerg