INCUBA strengthens the community and creates a breeding ground for co-operation between companies.

INCUBA has just published the results of its IMPACT analysis for 2023, which in addition to examining how companies across the science park's three hubs have performed financially in the past year, also measures the impact of the growth-generating activities and events available to startups, scaleups and corporates in INCUBA.

A crucial element in fulfilling the science park's mission is to foster collaboration and networking among the companies in the INCUBA community. The results from the 2023 IMPACT analysis show that approximately half of the companies have been involved in cross-cutting collaboration projects during the year. These have spanned various verticals, including IT & tech with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity, but also in MedTech and IT. A concrete example of this collaborative spirit is the successful partnership between MedTech company Cystotech and consultancy Evnia.

Cystotech, who specializes in the development of an AI assistant to optimize bladder cancer screening and control, seeked advice from Evnia:

"Both Evnia and Cystotech have an office at Navitas, and over a cup of coffee - quite by chance – we came to discuss our shared area of interest within medical device, Cystotech as a manufacturer and Evnia, as a consultant in regulatory affairs. A MedTech company like ours is subject to very high regulatory requirements for documentation. As the legislation is extensive and complex, we needed domain-specific knowledge and advise," explains Co-founder & COO of Cystotech, Anna Munk.

"It has been a meaningful and productive collaborative effort to support Cystotech achieve ISO 13485:2016 certification of the Quality Management System and develop the Clinical Evaluation Report and EU/MDR & FDA path readiness. We appreciate that INCUBA fosters a dynamic environment where companies can connect and help each other achieve their goals," says Evnia CEO Efstathios Vassiliadis.

For INCUBA, it is a gratifying conclusion that the companies in the science park are actively collaborating across the board. This emphasises INCUBA's continued efforts to facilitate a dynamic collaborative environment where companies are actively matched across the park to support collaboration.

"We evaluate not only our occupancy rate, but also the influence, or impact, we create for companies that choose to be part of INCUBA. Therefore, we are delighted when companies share their competences, knowledge and advice across the board, and a chance meeting at the coffee machine can help push your business forward," says Jacob Mogensen, Director of Acceleration & Investor Relations at INCUBA.

Anna Munk, Cystotech, Efstathios Vassiliadis, Evnia & Jacob Mogensen, INCUBA

94% recommend INCUBA to other companies

Compared to 2022, the percentage of companies that would recommend INCUBA to other companies has even increased. A full 94% of companies in INCUBA's three hubs would recommend the research park to others.

The positive development is also reflected in the satisfaction with INCUBA's events. 95% of the companies recommend the professional events, such as INCUBA Founders Club, Gin & Tech, and the professional working groups.

In fact, INCUBA organises almost 100 different events over the course of a year, both professional and social, all with the aim of supporting networking. Read more about INCUBA's community here.