Tech startup Siana revolutionises Predictive Maintenance with AI

In a world where production downtime can be devastating for businesses, Siana has found an innovative solution by utilising AI for predictive maintenance. Co-founders Mads Gliemann and Claes Zacho share their journey at INCUBA and how it has fuelled their growth and network.

Siana, who has been part of INCUBA since March 2022, specialises in helping manufacturing companies streamline maintenance processes by avoiding unexpected production downtime. Using their AI-based predictive maintenance technology, they can predict faults and breakdowns in critical machines such as motors, pumps, gears and bearings.

Claes Zacho and Mads Gliemann, both with a background as Bachelor of Engineering in Business Development (BDE) from Aarhus University in Herning, have been working intensively on their company since 2019.

Using sensor technology and machine learning, Siana has created a solution that automatically monitors the state of production machines and predicts faults or breakdowns. The solution enables maintenance planning and execution before damage occurs, thus contributing to increased productivity by minimising downtime and extending machine lifetime.

The solution also helps to minimise resource consumption, reduce the risk of accidents and increase energy efficiency in production. In the context of the green agenda, the use of Siana's product can lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions and waste or spoilage due to faulty production.

Siana has not only distinguished itself with its innovative product, but has also proven its relevance by receiving several grants from Innovation Fund Denmark's Innobooster programme. In addition, Siana has been nominated for Startup of the Year in both 2022 and 2023 at the INCUBA awards.

Siana & INCUBA: A central part of the company's foundation

A key part of Siana's foundation is their affiliation with INCUBA. Co-founders Mads and Claes emphasise that they not only use INCUBA's facilities, but also actively participate in events, including networking events that have strengthened their connections with other startups, scaleups and established companies.

They emphasise the valuable access to a wide network and the inspiring environment at INCUBA Katrinebjerg. Having the IT university just across the road has also proven to be an advantage, especially when it comes to recruiting talent.

The start-up phase at INCUBA was crucial for Siana's development. From being in the development phase, they have now launched their product and are proving that it creates value for their customers. Now the company is working on a funding round and looking forward to taking their innovative solution to new heights.

"INCUBA is great, especially when you start in StartupLab, for example. It has been very rewarding for us to become part of a community," says Claes Zacho. They also see the value of being surrounded by other startups, as well as the opportunities and resources that INCUBA and the IT university bring to the table.

For Siana, INCUBA is not just a place to work, but a platform for growth, collaboration and constant learning.

Watch a video with Siana at the Aarhus Investor Summit 2023 here: