Start-up ReLift develops new assistive device to help elderly and frail citizens

The start-up company ReLift is working to create the best conditions for a good toilet visit. ReLift's mission is to ensure better conditions and increased quality of life for citizens in society. Specifically, ReLift develops and designs an assistive device for elderly and weakened citizens. The aid places the body in the correct sitting position during the toilet visit, so that the ability to defecate is improved. Unlike today, where many people sit at a 90-degree angle, it is better to sit with a smaller angle at the hip. ReLift is therefore developing a tool to make it easier for older or weaker people to get into the correct sitting position.

"The idea for ReLift came about during our studies in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In 2020, we had a course where we had to come up with an idea based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The whole idea for our company comes from UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 3, health and well-being. Alongside the course, TV2 showed the documentary 'Plejehjemmene bag facaden', where we also became aware of the challenges that exist in nursing homes. In addition, that we, in general in society, actually sit on the wrong toilet", says co-founder, Victoria Wacher Jensen.

Together, the founders of ReLift, Maria Freund Thinggaard and Victoria Wacher Jensen, started their Innofounder program back in September 2022. The Innofounder program has given the founders the opportunity to work full time in the company and a place in INCUBA StartupLab.

"We are very happy to be part of INCUBA and work in a community with so many exciting and diverse companies. Part of our journey has been about creating the right network and acquiring new knowledge - something we can really do with INCUBA's large network. Most recently, we participated in Gin&Tech, which was very beneficial for us, as well as Founders Lunch in INCUBA Skejby. Here we got acquainted with very relevant health professional profiles. In addition to this, it is of course also very attractive that there are meeting rooms, kitchen, reception, coffee, printing, and even mentoring and counseling opportunities," says Victoria Wacher Jensen.

In addition, Victoria Wacher Jensen also says that the company is focusing on raising the capital that will be necessary for ReLift to become a viable business:

"In the next six months, we will focus on product development. We want to design usable and testable prototypes and test them with the target group before we reach the end of our StartupLab program. We need to create more proof of concept and maintain the office space at INCUBA that we are so happy with."

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