SCADA MINDS celebrates 10th anniversary in INCUBA: A strong driving force in renewable energy

SCADA MINDS, a leading software company in intelligent technology for the wind turbine industry and renewable energy sector, is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary in INCUBA, one of Denmark's leading business environments within IT/tech, cleantech & life science.

Over the years, SCADA MINDS has established itself as a trusted provider of intelligent solutions for the renewable energy sector. Their IT-based solutions optimise both the design and operation of green energy-generating plants. They help engineers deliver cost-optimised designs and enable service operators and plant owners to efficiently maintain and operate distributed plants on a global scale, even under varying compliance requirements and in an explosively growing industry.

In this way, their innovative systems contribute to the competitiveness of green power. By optimising the industry and ensuring the safe operation of wind farms, SCADA MINDS plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable environmental goals.

"Our biggest victory so far has been to make a significant difference in the renewable energy sector. Our solutions have been widely sought after and are helping to create a more sustainable future. Our biggest challenge has been to scale our business to reach even more players in the industry," says Steffen Duve, co-founder of SCADA MINDS, adding:

"Therefore, we are delighted that we are actually making a tangible impact in the renewable energy sector and thus contributing to achieving more sustainable environmental goals."

Knowledge-sharing, innovation and networking opportunities in INCUBA

Being part of INCUBA for the past 10 years has provided SCADA MINDS with a fertile ground for the growth and innovation of their solutions.

"Our presence in the strong tech environment at INCUBA has been an inspiring journey. We have found a good breeding ground for knowledge-sharing, innovation and networking opportunities here that have contributed to our work. The network has also been beneficial as we have been able to build connections and collaborations with other tech companies. For example, we have worked with Nabto, another INCUBA company, on software-based remote control. We look forward to continuing to benefit from this dynamic tech community at INCUBA," says Steffen Duve, adding:

"INCUBA has provided an ideal setting for our company. The facilities meet our daily needs and we have access to a wealth of resources and information about relevant events and other initiatives. As an agile and flexible tech company, we need scalable office space that can accommodate our growing needs."

SCADA MINDS was founded 10 years ago when the first ambitions and strategies were written down on a napkin in a café. Since then, the company has developed into a major player in the renewable energy market. In the coming period, SCADA MINDS plans to continue its growth ambitions.

  • Established in 2023
  • 25 employees
  • Develops software solutions and technology for the wind turbine industry
  • Part of the IT/tech environment at INCUBA Katrinebjerg
  • To learn more about SCADA MINDS and their innovative solutions, visit their website here.