INCUBA startup, Kanpla, raises DKK 16 million to boost canteen business

More than 95,000 users use the Danish canteen platform Kanpla, which has just raised DKK 16 million in a seed round. At 21 years old, the founders are the youngest in Denmark to raise such a large amount. The money will now be used for expansion to Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.

Every year, eateries such as canteens at educational institutions and workplaces throw away huge amounts of food. Therefore, it's important for canteens to have a clear understanding of how to make the most of their resources.

"With data, canteens can optimise their business as it allows them to make informed decisions about the amount and type of food they serve. This saves money and minimises food waste. In addition, there is great potential in being able to communicate directly to the canteen's guests through the app," says CEO and co-founder of Kanpla, Peter Bæch.

Overlooked market with huge potential

Kanpla is a digital platform that makes it easy for canteen guests to book meeting catering or pay for their lunch or takeaway without spending their lunch break queuing. At the same time, it gives canteens the tools to reduce manual work and collect data on consumer behaviour and satisfaction that can improve the canteen's bottom line and customer experience.

In 2022, more than 1,500 canteens (and other points of sale) in Denmark used the platform, while more than 95,000 canteen customers used the app. This has prompted the Dutch VC fund henq to join the circle of investors, which includes established business people such as Coop CEO Kræn Østergaard Nielsen and Astralis investor Lasse Guldsborg.

Part of StartupLab and INCUBA since 2020

After gathering an advisory board of competent business people, Kanpla launched their app for canteens in January 2020 and in April 2021 the company moved into INCUBA's StartupLab. Here, Kanpla's four young founders have enjoyed the many facilities that INCUBA has to offer. These include a tech network with around 200 companies specialising in IT and tech.

- There is a great community and a lot of great companies in INCUBA, and we have benefited from being able to spar with them. We've met a lot of exciting people and mentors, and we received another major investment earlier in our journey at a pitch event organised by one of the companies in the building, says Peter Bæch.

However, Kanpla quickly outgrew INCUBA StartupLab and became a regular INCUBA company with 23 employees in a very short time.

- When I think of our time at INCUBA, the first thing that comes to mind is the high level of convenience. Everything is organised with reception, meeting rooms, and paper in the printer - all things that allow us to focus on running our business. The location has also meant a lot to us, our daily life and our recruitment. And last but not least, I'm thinking about the people. First and foremost, the INCUBA people are nice and helpful, but we also have a strong community with many of the other companies here. For example, we have had a good relationship with Whistleblower Software, Capsule, Cand, Gamescorekeeper and Reshopper and have had good opportunities for sparring and knowledge sharing," concludes Peter Bæch.

Congratulations on the success to the entire Kanpla team from all of INCUBA.

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  • The youngest founder team in Denmark to raise a seed round of this size
  • The team has grown from 10 to 23 employees
  • Got 95K users on the platform and over 500 points of sale, canteen kitchens, etc.
  • Established Kanpla as the leading solution for digitising canteens with a focus on the digital customer journey
  • Started collaborations with several of the largest canteen operators and companies in Denmark with 1500 points of sale on the system
  • Nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the year for the second time