Battman Energy: Innovation in cleantech and sustainability

Cleantech company Battman Energy is developing large battery farms at record speed around the country to stabilise the electricity grid in the now somewhat unpredictable electricity production. Battman Energy, which is part of INCUBA Navitas, was founded in 2022 by co-founders Daniel Kappelgaard, Søren Kappelgaard and Alexander Kaae and celebrated its first anniversary on 7 October 2023. The company has already established itself as an innovative player on the green scene, dedicated to transforming Denmark's energy landscape.

Battman Energy specialises in the implementation of battery energy storage systems (BESS) on the grid. The technology is key to improving the reliability and sustainability of the grid. At the same time, Battman Energy is actively working on other innovative technologies, such as photovoltaics (PV), electric vehicle chargers, carbon capture, wind power and Power-to-X.

Battman Energy has already experienced impressive growth in its short lifespan and now employs twelve dedicated employees at INCUBA. The company has several exciting projects in the pipeline that will transform the way we produce and consume energy.

Battman Energy on a mission to transform the energy landscape

Battman Energy's vision for 2024 is ambitious. The company aims to facilitate and execute on investments of more than €100 million in batteries to stabilise the grid, which also speaks to strengthening Denmark's position as a global leader in sustainable energy. The company's latest project is one of them. Located in Zealand, Denmark, the project is expected to go live in Q2 2024 and is an impressive step forward for the cleantech industry.

The project consists of a 9.25 MW battery plant with a capacity of 17.4 MWh. This amount of energy is equivalent to powering 1500 Danish households with 2 adults and 2 children for approximately 1 day, emphasising the importance of the project in providing sustainable energy to society.

The battery plant will operate as a 2-hour system, which means that it takes two hours to discharge a fully charged battery at maximum power. The 9.25 MW of power is equivalent to a car park with 19 300 kW charging stations. Fascinatingly, these 19 stations can charge a Tesla with a 100 kWh battery in just 20 minutes. In comparison, the batteries will have the capacity to supply these charging stations with maximum power for a continuous 2 hours, which is equivalent to charging around 114 Tesla Model S Long Range cars before the batteries run out of power.

The project brings Battman Energy's total investment for 2023 to over €10 million.

Battman Energy and INCUBA: A match that adds value

Battman Energy has been part of the cleantech environment at INCUBA Navitas since 15 April 2023, providing the company with an expanded network, skilled mentors and valuable sparring partners within their sector:

"INCUBA is an expert in offering customised support for each company's unique needs, which is why we have been placed alongside other cleantech companies with whom we can exchange experiences and get advice from mentors that we can't find anywhere else," says co-founder Alexander Kaae.

Co-founder and CEO Daniel Kappelgaard adds: "We have utilised both INCUBA's network and the ecosystem that INCUBA provides. We actively participate in all the events that INCUBA organises and we are happy to be a part of it. Since joining INCUBA, we have secured our first investment, purchased our first projects and are ready to put them into operation. We've seen significant growth as a company and have already scaled up with a larger office here at INCUBA."

Watch a video with Battman Energy from Aarhus Investor Summit 2023: