3PART at INCUBA Navitas works for the green transition 3.0

The industrial designers and engineers at 3PART work every day as a bridge between ideators, manufacturers and the market. In some projects, 3PART designs products that push society forward - in others, the hard tech company revitalises old brands by taking technology and design into the new millennium.

Since the company was founded in 2003, 3PART has been involved in developing many products that have pushed development forward. In particular, products that have solved several major societal challenges, e.g. in welfare technology (aids for the disabled and elderly, hospitals and nursing homes) and the energy sector, where companies such as Vestas, Danfoss and Grundfos are on the list of long-standing partners.

Currently, 3PART is working on green transition and energy optimisation in collaboration with a number of Danish and international companies. These include Visblue, which originated from Aarhus University, the solar roof company Ennogie and, not least, Everfuel, which is in the process of rolling out a network of Power to X petrol stations in Europe.

But 3PART is not only working on the green products of tomorrow. The hard tech company also gives new life to old, honourable brands. 3PART has also been responsible for giving the Danish motorcycle brand Nimbus a renaissance after a 60-year hiatus. And it's not with a noisy engine as most people know it. The new motorbike is designed with an electric motor. Find out more here.

"We are super proud and feel privileged to be involved in so many ambitious and meaningful projects and therefore be an attractive workplace for some of the industry's most talented people. But as always, the most exciting project is the one that currently lies ahead of us in the future, where a complex problem needs to be framed, challenged, developed and translated into a simple, economical and resource-sustainable solution that can make a difference for the people who will use it," says CEO and founder Simon Skafdrup.

A combination of digital and physical products required a special place

When 3PART was faced with the challenge of ramping up development, projects and growth, it was important to go somewhere where there were more entrepreneurs, new ideas and physical creative space available:

"When we first joined INCUBA, it was crucial for us to find a place where we could be a bit physical, such as experimenting with mock-ups and building full-scale prototypes. We are a hybrid company that works 360 degrees around user experiences with both digital and physical products, where continuous validation through user engagement is crucial for success. There are plenty of shared office spaces with wall-to-wall carpets, cosiness and good coffee, but INCUBA in the Navitas building's unique combination of companies, workshops, 3D printing and makerspace, strong network and, not least, students made the difference," concludes Simon Skafdrup.

Read more about 3PART here

  • Established in 2003
  • Eight employees in offices in Aarhus and Hellerup
  • Part of INCUBA Navitas since 1 March 2015
  • Has designed more than 450 products for customers such as Vestas, Danfoss, and Grundfos
  • Designed everything from Danfoss thermostats, Grundfos pumps, hydrogen refuelling stations and electrics motorcycles and bicycles to Egekilde water bottles, Royal beer crafts, chef's knives and safety glasses for New Year's Eve
  • Has won a design award for a circulation pump for Grundfos and revitalised the Nimbus motorcycle into an electric version.
  • Pictured is the partner team at 3PART A/S from left to right: Simon Sneftrup, Lasse Oxbøll, general manager of the Aarhus office, Sara Clement and Simon Skafdrup. Photo: Ib Sørensen