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Do you want to share knowledge, experience and networks to help early startups and founders evolve? Then attend our event, Gin & Tech at INCUBA, where startups from INCUBA and the Aarhus Startup community pitch to mentors, investors, business leaders and specialists.

The event starts with a round of focused pitch followed by G&Ts and an opportunity for informal conversations and exchange of experiences.

Startups have the opportunity to present their products/services and connect with mentors, investors, corporates and specialists. The aim is to provide companies with useful feedback, help them open doors and lay the groundwork for future collaborations and investments.

Target audience

the event is aimed at mentors, investors, business leaders and other professionals interested in sharing their knowledge. All you need to bring is your good mood and your best advice.


15.00: Arrival

15.15: Welcome by INCUBA

15.20: Pitch round

  • Attender: Attender is on a mission to reduce student absenteeism and dropout rates with gamification and rewards. The company also makes absence tracking easy for teachers and provides schools with intelligent statistics. Attender is currently in 4 countries.
  • BetterRoomie: BetterRoomie is a platform that makes it easier to find not just a roomie, but a roomie that's right for you. We use behavioural data from our users to create the best matches with our algorithm.
  • Cacta: Cacta is a spin-out company from the BioMedical Design Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship Programme at Aarhus University. Cacta is developing an innovative method for detecting breast cancer-related lymphoedema, which is a frequent late effect of breast cancer treatment. The goal of early detection is to be able to initiate treatment earlier and thus avoid chronic lymphoedema. User involvement, taking the measurements in the user's own home and digital output are key elements of Cacta.
  • ClearContract: ClearContract is a tool that helps corporate lawyers review and negotiate contracts through AI-powered contract analysis. This streamlines and reduces legal risk and minimises the time spent reviewing contracts.
  • MultiBiopsy: MultiBiopsy ApS develops future solutions for tissue sampling in connection with cancer screening - especially lung cancer. The need for better equipment for tissue sampling is a result of earlier diagnosis and implementation of screening programmes, as cancerous tumours are generally smaller and therefore challenging to target. This is a major factor in future capacity challenges. The concept will increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce complications and costs (patent pending).
  • Never Another: Never Another creates 'made to measure' bras by using a combination of personal body measurements and the company's own sizing algorithm to customise the design to fit the individual. This way, the company offers a bra with the best fit and comfort. 
  • O-robotics: O-Robotics is a Danish Robot-OEM startup located in Ecopark Aarhus West and is producing service and maintenance robots. Currently O-Robotics developing a “first of its kind” product, a multipurpose Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for weed management and maintenance of paved areas, the AMR-Sweeper.  
  • Re-claim: Re-claim upcycles leftover bark residues from sawmills into high-quality bark panels that offer both aesthetic and environmentally friendly appeal. Our bark panel is designed to not only enhance the visual ambiance of spaces but also contribute to a healthier environment, aligning with the eco-trends of commitment to sustainability and natural materials.

17.00: Thank you for today

INCUBA Pier Venue

1. floor, Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C

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