Zeta Diagnostics wants to discover middle ear issues early, averting severe complications

Approximately 5% of the world’s population suffer from Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD), which is characterized by a diminished or entirely absent ability to regulate pressure in the middle ear. As a result, the medtech-organization, Zeta Diagnostics, is now developing an innovative audio player which provides ear specialists with the opportunity of identifying and treating middle ear problems at an early stage, averting severe sequelae.

Every year 400 million people worldwide are affected by ETD which can lead to several complications for affected patients. Diagnosing the disease is however a difficult process, which is why it often takes long from patients experience the initial middle ear problems till they receive the final diagnosis – and that, unfortunately, means that the disease can progress into more severe complications in the meantime.

Therefore, the INCUBA StartupLab-organization is immensely proud to develop a rapid and modern technology that non-invasively can help doctors to diagnose the problem. The technology will be able to reduce the number of consultations before the diagnosis with up to 40%. The organization has just received approval for initial patient trials. In practice the technology allows ear specialists to collect long-term data on the patient's ability to regulate middle ear pressure while they listen to music, podcasts, or watch television.

The team consists of the three co-founders Kristian Klok Pedersen, Kasper Linde, and Danny Bøjstrup Pedersen, who each brings distinct competencies and diverse backgrounds, enriching Zeta Diagnostics' entrepreneurial journey. Since the organization was founded, significant progress has been achieved. Kristian, serving as the CEO and co-founder of Zeta Diagnostics, elaborates:

“Our greatest success so far has been becoming accepted into – and financed by – the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Bioinnovation Institute. Something that our organization is very proud of,” he explains. Nevertheless, like most startup-organizations, the organization has also experienced inevitable challenges. Kristian elaborates: “So far, it has particularly been very challenging to balance product development with business development and regulations – 24 hours a day simply are not enough,” he concludes.

Since April 2024, Zeta Diagnostics’ Aarhus-office has been part of INCUBA Navitas where they currently work in new inspiring surroundings. Over the course of the next six months, the organization focuses on improving and validating their algorithms and software and expect to take a big leap in relation to their product development efforts.

In relation to their new environment, Kristian explains: “INCUBA is an easy and flexible location with high standards to what an office-environment should look like. INCUBA is an ideal match for us as INCUBA among others is home to a wide array of other med-tech organizations, that allows us to share experiences about certain regulatory and market conditions in the field of medtech. Lastly, we are just very happy about the life and the events, INCUBA provides. It is a very good way to network with and learn from other organizations,” Kristian concludes.

Co-founders of Zeta Diagnostics, Kasper Linde, Kristian Klok Pedersen, Danny Bøjstrup Pedersen, INCUBA Navitas