Karla wants to realize the groundbreaking potential of generative AI

Today, on-page information search is often associated with frictions and long waits. As soon as you leave Google and enter a new website, it can be quite challenging to find the exact content, you are searching for. Now, however, to significantly reduce this friction, the StartupLab-organization Karla is ready with a new innovative search solution that allows users to find the content and information, they need, through an interactive chat function, rather than frustratingly navigating through every page of a website.

Karla is an AI-driven software organization that operates with the aim of combining market-leading language-technology with company-specific data to provide Danish organizations with the opportunity of realizing the groundbreaking potential, which generative AI presents. This, among other things, happen through the StartupLab-organization’s new search-tool, Karla-Chat, which is designed specifically to offer visitors a more user-friendly experience by enabling direct interaction through a chat-function that allows users to easier access the information, they need.

So far, the organization has received impressive response to Karla-Chat, as 71% of 4000 reviews believe that the answers, which Karla-Chat has generated, can either be categorized as “good” or “really good”.

However, as is typical for most startup-organizations, challenges have occurred as well:

“When you develop software that utilizes new technology that is not yet well-known, you spend a lot of time explaining the technology behind it. And so far, this has been our greatest challenge, and also the reason why we today, at Karla, spend a lot of time on creating concrete demos, that showcase exactly what our solutions are capable of doing,” Andreas Kryger, who is one of the co-founders of Karla, explains.

Over the course of the next six months, the organization strives to grow their current revenue by 2.5 times, to onboard a lot of new valuable colleagues to their team, and, hopefully, to get in touch with a lot of interesting clients.

To increase the chance of succeeding with this plan, the organization recently became part of INCUBA StartupLab, where the organization conducts its daily operations on the fifth floor of INCUBA Navitas. This, according to Andreas, is an “incredible opportunity for young organizations who search for a central base in an innovative environment, and who dream of the possibility for valuable, constructive dialogue with professionals within the industry. This, for example, includes support regarding communication and a short-cut to investor-contacts, whom we have also gotten the opportunity to pitch for. Finally, INCUBA also hosts a number of different events that have actually resulted in an iincrease in new leads.”

Co-founder & CSO of Karla, Andreas Kryger
Team Karla, INCUBA Navitas