INCUBA's CEO Mai Louise Agerskov is the new chairperson for Erhverv Aarhus

On 30 November, our CEO at INCUBA, Mai Louise Agerskov, became the new chairperson of Erhverv Aarhus when the new board was constituted. Mai Louise takes over the role from Terje Vammen, who has been chairman for six years, marking the beginning of a new era for the organisation.

With a solid background in business, innovation and entrepreneurship and several years of service on the board, most recently as vice chair, she continues to work for the organisation known for supporting and promoting business in Aarhus.

"The goal of Erhverv Aarhus is to create a broad framework for business and growth companies in Aarhus, so that the city becomes the optimal place to start and run a business - in line with INCUBA. Therefore, I am pleased that the growth team now has a central representation in the political representation of interests and in the city's strongest network across industries and business types," says Mai Louise.

As CEO of INCUBA since 2015, Mai Louise has contributed to strengthening and developing knowledge-intensive startups, scaleups and innovative companies. Her new role as chairperson of Erhverv Aarhus creates a natural bridge between the two organisations and thus the companies in INCUBA.

Visit Erhverv Aarhus here.

  • Mai Louise Agerskov, CEO, INCUBA (chairperson)
  • Jasper Kyndi, Senior Marketing Director, COWI Denmark
  • Henrik Stærmose, Director and co-owner, Racehall
  • Jan Dam Poulsen, Director, Blue Water Shipping
  • Lone Ryg Olsen, Business Director, Aarhus University
  • Nina Carlslund, Hotel Director, Scandic Aarhus City
  • Poul Nielsen, Regional Director, Danske Bank
  • Jens-Jacob Aarup, CEO, Inspari
  • Hauke Daene, HR Director, Lidl Denmark (replacing Terje Vammen)