The spinout company SCALGO moves to INCUBA Next

In the summer of 2024, INCUBA will open its doors to 22,000 new state-of-the-art square metres for growth-oriented technology companies in the heart of the city's IT and innovation environment. The extension is called INCUBA Next and targets scaleups and development teams from larger technology companies. INCUBA Next will be connected to the existing INCUBA Katrinebjerg, which currently houses around 70 IT companies and startups in 12,000 sqm.

In the autumn of 2022, about two years before INCUBA Next is completed, the spinout company SCALGO has just signed a lease in INCUBA Next. SCALGO is a spinout from Aarhus University that uses massive amounts of data about the Earth's surface to develop digital tools and analyses that fundamentally improve the way people work with extreme precipitation in urban planning and nature restoration.

With a background in basic data science research from Aarhus University, SCALGO has developed algorithms, data structures and machine learning techniques that today analyse and organise more than 3 petabytes of detailed geographic data. Data, down to centimetre precision, reflects the terrain surface of over half of Europe.

"We have built a unique digital world where engineers, urban planners and landscape architects have access to a detailed digital model of the physical world along with a range of analyses of how water flows, where it collects and where it comes from. With simple interactive tools, our users can explore the causes of flooding and design urban and natural areas that integrate blue-green elements to divert or infiltrate water and reduce the damage caused by extreme rainfall," says SCALGO CEO Morten Revsbæk.

SCALGO's platform is currently used by more than 17,000 users in 9 European countries.

SCALGO future-proofs its position in a creative tech environment at INCUBA Next

After a long journey from basic research to international commercial success, SCALGO now needs more space to grow and it is crucial that it stays in a creative tech environment with great opportunities for networking and recruiting the talent of the future:

"We need the best and most creative computer scientists and engineers, which is why we are excited to be close to Aarhus University. With our recently signed lease agreement on the 14th floor of INCUBA NEXT, we are future-proofing our location in a creative environment close to the university. This way, we have the best framework to continue our journey of using the most advanced computational technology to make our cities more flood-resistant and more blue/green. And we are very excited about that," says CEO of SCALGO, Morten Revsbæk.

Indeed, SCALGO fits perfectly into the vision of INCUBA Next, which is to create the ideal environment for the tech talent that the growth comets of the future depend on:

"We are delighted to welcome SCALGO to INCUBA Next. SCALGO is a spinout from Aarhus University and is based on cutting edge software technology. They have found their spot in the market and are now ready to seriously scale internationally. This requires the right framework to attract and retain developers, while being close to and in touch with an innovative environment. SCALGO is thus the prototype of a knowledge-heavy scaleup for which INCUBA Next is built. The fact that SCALGO has chosen INCUBA Next confirms that there is a need for a special offer for this group of scaleups," says CEO of INCUBA, Mai Louise Agerskov.

Facts about INCUBA Next

  • 18 storeys and 22,000 sq.m., including 4,000 sq.m. underground parking and a side building of 4,500 sq.m. In addition, external roof terraces totalling 1,400 sqm.
  • INCUBA Next will be connected as an extension to the existing INCUBA on Katrinebjerg, which currently has around 60 companies on 12,000 sq.m., including Norlys and Concordium.
  • INCUBA Next is designed as a sustainable building with DGNB Gold certification
  • Start of construction: April 2022
  • Completion: mid 2024
  • Building design: AART Architects and ADEPT
  • Client advisor: Rambøll Danmark A/S with AART Architects as architectural consultant
  • General contractor: A. Enggaard A/S with COWI and ADEPT as consultants