INCUBA lays the foundation for new tech environment at Katrinebjerg IT City

Katrinebjerg gets a facelift when INCUBA expands over the coming years with 22,000 hypermodern square meters for growth-oriented technology companies in the middle of one of the Nordic countries' best research and study environments in IT and engineering.

Thursday 22 September 2022 was a historic moment when INCUBA put words into action and laid the foundation stone for the INCUBA Next building. CEO Mai Louise Agerskov is delighted that the project has reached this important milestone:

"The vision of INCUBA Next is to create the ideal environment for the tech talent on which the growth comets of the future are completely dependent. With this project, we are addressing the future requirements of the workplace as a place that both supports networking and innovation, but is also an experience in itself and allows for efficiency and convenience in everyday life", says Mai Louise Agerskov.

NEXT cylinder lowered together with foundation stone

During the ceremony, a cylinder was cast under one of the supporting columns of the building. The cylinder contains effects from two INCUBA companies, among others. The young but very promising company, Siana, represents the group of startups, while Partisia represents a rapidly developing scaleup company that now needs more space.

Partisia in particular is the first company to sign a domicile in INCUBA Next. For CTO Peter Frandsen, the environment in INCUBA and the proximity to Aarhus University is crucial for Partisia: "It is important for us in the future to have one office community where we can meet and exchange ideas. We need to do this in a place that is very close to Aarhus University's IT environment at Katrinebjerg, where we work closely with many researchers," he says.

In the cylinder were added the first architectural drawings and the first model building of INCUBA Next, bricks from the Aarhus University Research Fund, the latest newsletter from INCUBA and a list of all INCUBA companies in 2022.

Design partner responsible for the architectural quality of the project, Martin Krogh from Adept, sees the construction of INCUBA Next as a great example of how collaboration across disciplines creates results:

"The objects that were placed in the foundation capsule show very well how the very different actors in the project contribute different perspectives on how we can learn from each other and literally build on each other's experience. This fits extremely well with having to realise a building together, which is designed to provide a framework for more innovation through collaboration," says Martin Krogh, partner at ADEPT.


INCUBA Next gives slightly larger companies the opportunity to be part of the INCUBA community. INCUBA's community offers an ideal environment for growth companies and thus contributes to their business development - among other things by ensuring easy access to students, researchers, leading corporates, other entrepreneurial companies as well as investors and other players in the ecosystem.

"Katrinebjerg has a knowledge environment of a very special calibre, with some of the world's best people in a range of IT/tech and engineering disciplines. The area's approximately 3,000 students, researchers, employees and companies make it an IT powerhouse that attracts numerous foreign students and bright minds. With INCUBA Next, INCUBA a/s wants to strengthen the close cooperation between tech startups, scaleups and education and research in the area", Mai Louise Agerskov explains.

Effects in INCUBA Next cylinder

  • The first drawings from the project proposal for INCUBA Next by ADEPT architects
  • The first model of INCUBA Next by Adept
  • The hardware part of Siana's technology with embedded sensor as an example of state-of-the-art technology for Industry 4.0 anno 2022
  • USB pen with Partisia's blockchain binary genesis code as an example of state-of-the-art blockchain software anno 2022
  • Bricks from the original Aarhus University (the yellow one) and the new University City (the red one). The stones will symbolise INCUBA Next becoming part of the university's overall campus and the family relationship with both the university and the Aarhus University Research Foundation.
  • Latest newsletter from INCUBA with an insight into the news and topics occupying the startup ecosystem anno 2022
  • List of the approximately 200 INCUBA companies currently inhabiting INCUBA's environments and a reflection of the technologies the knowledge-heavy, innovative growth layer is working on anno 2022.