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Aarhus has a number of international class research environments. INCUBA is at the centre of the three strong clusters along the knowledge axis from the Cleantech cluster on Navitas over the IT cluster at Katrinebjerg and the Health cluster in Skejby.

Join the INCUBA environment

Get access to a unique network and ideal growth conditions for your company.

Concentrate on your business

As a tenant in INCUBA, you have a professional appearance externally – and an efficient service set-up internally. You also have the opportunity to supplement and support your business development with sparring, consultancy and networking facilitated by INCUBA.

Complete flexibility

At INCUBA you only rent the office space that you require. Rent covers both your own premises, the many common areas, the manned receptions and the services that follow. You can always expand your office as your business grows, or scale back if required.

If you are interested in finding out more about office space and your opportunities in INCUBA, then please call or write to us.

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“With its startup network, mentoring scheme and events, INCUBA has a unique environment for growth which respectively takes our business and background as its starting point. There is a place for all fields, sizes and level of ambition."”
Christian Kruse, Baunebaal
“By having an office in INCUBA, we get access to a unique network of competences, organisations and educational institutions within the energy and Cleantech sector – so we’re therefore staying here.”
Rasmus Martens Jakobsen, TRANSITION
“Moving into INCUBA has given us a really good setting for our busy work days. It’s a great relief to find that everything just works, from meeting rooms, mail delivery, reception, printers and the cafeteria. There are many exciting projects and companies here and it’s inspiring to be part of.”
Stig Dahl-Hansen, New Nordic Engineering
“INCUBA delivers a really high-level of service in all operating functions, which normally eat up a lot of an entrepreneur's precious time. This lets us concentrate 100 per cent on running our business.”
Thomas Redder Laursen, UNSILO
“We chose INCUBA for our company because we wanted a professional and flexible environment. The level of service provided by INCUBA means that we can concentrate on our business.”
Jens Gadensgaard Hermann, Scanrate Financial Systems

Building Green Aarhus 2017

Event: 29. marts 2017
I 2017 får Aarhus sin egen Building Green-messe

Gå-hjem-møde med fokus på sundhedsinnovation

Event: 29. marts 2017
IDA Sundhedsteknologi afholder møde med temaet: innovation og løsning af vitale problemer

Gratis seminar: få succes med content marketing

Event: 31. marts 2017
Dot og Brand Movers uddeler viden, værktøjer, tips og tricks til content marketing-strategi og business case.

CareWare 2017

Event: 4. april 2017
Kom og hør om de nyeste trends inden for velfærdsteknologi

Seminar: Få styr på EUs persondatakrav

Event: 4. april 2017
C2IT inviterer til gratis seminar om Persondataforordningen. Få viden og værktøjer til at efterleve kravene i din virksomhed.

Internet Week 2017

Event: 19. april 2017
Årets Internet Week Denmark finder sted den 19. april-23. april.

Companies in INCUBA

OnMotion IVS

INCUBA StartupLab

30304770 kerrye|


INCUBA Katrinebjerg
Lensact er et nyt digitalt startup, der har udviklet et digitalt screeningsværktøj for at hjælpe både optiker og linsekunde med at finde frem til de rette kontaktlinser.

25520876 thomas|


INCUBA Katrinebjerg
STARTVÆKST Aarhus yder gratis vejledning og sparring til iværksættere og virksomheder i Aarhus Kommune. Vi står klar med hjælp, hvis du har planer om at starte din egen virksomhed, eller hvis du står lige midt i nogle udfordringer med din egen virksomhed, hvor du har brug for sparring.

70151618 info| www.startvæ


INCUBA Navitas
Interested in developing products tailored to fit the needs of a sustainable planet or perhaps you are looking for a substitute to conventional plastic solutions? With a wide range of different application possibilities, you can start seeing your own product through new sustainable lenses.

26701960 hello|

Nabto ApS

INCUBA Katrinebjerg
Nabto har udviklet en Internet of Things løsning der giver leverandører af elektroniske apparater mulighed for at tilbyde en interaktiv dataforbindelse mellem slut-brugere og apparater.

87345513 crg|
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