STMicroelectronics chooses the 15th floor of INCUBA Next as its new Danish headquarters

At the end of 2024, the extension building INCUBA Next will open in Katrinebjerg, where INCUBA will provide growth-oriented technology companies with state-of-the-art and efficient facilities to further expand—close to students, researchers, and startups.

The Danish branch of the French/Italian company STMicroelectronics (ST), headquartered in Geneva, has just decided to locate its Danish division in INCUBA Next. STMicroelectronics develops, manufactures, and markets microcontrollers and other electronic components and is one of the world's leading players in semiconductor production. Semiconductor components play a crucial role in modern technology and are the foundation of modern computers, mobile phones, solar cells, and much more.

ST's Danish office emerged from the sister company to Mjølner Informatics, Draupner Graphics, which was behind TouchGFX, a software framework for building microcontroller-based graphical user interfaces.

After four years of development, Draupner Graphics A/S announced the sale of the company to the international semiconductor producer STMicroelectronics in 2018, which has since invested further in more employees and the innovative software product.

"Draupner Graphics started as a classic startup, where a handful of skilled software and business developers worked hard to make TouchGFX the leading tool in the global market. In 2014, Draupner started collaborating with STMicroelectronics, and its natural development led to the final sale," says Jørgen Juul Mygind, Site Manager at STMicroelectronics, adding:

"ST has recognized the strong innovative software competencies offered by Aarhus. Today, we are more than 20 employees, and the ambition is for us to be even more. Therefore, we have long wanted to be part of INCUBA to attract the right electronics and software competencies, which will further strengthen ST's global market position. In INCUBA Next, we have better opportunities to recruit the right candidates and thus expand the business and follow the plan for growth in an innovative IT and tech community like INCUBA with other like-minded scaleups."

STMicroelectronics is also a perfect fit for INCUBA's vision for INCUBA Next, which aims to create the ideal environment for tech talents and support networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing:

"STMicroelectronics is a perfect addition to INCUBA Next, our visionary community dedicated to creating the optimal conditions for tech talents and promoting networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We have had a rewarding dialogue with STMicroelectronics for over a year, and I am incredibly excited to announce that this outstanding pioneer in their unique field of IT and tech is now becoming part of our strong community in INCUBA," says Claus Svane, Director of Real Estate, Lettings & Facilities at INCUBA.

"With STMicroelectronics in the house, we have an even stronger tech environment with specialists from one of the world's leading players in semiconductor production, with a global presence. This ensures knowledge sharing and has a positive impact on the startups that INCUBA exists to create the best growth opportunities for," concludes Mai Louise Agerskov, CEO of INCUBA.

17. maj 2023

Facts about INCUBA Next

  • 18 floors and 22,000 sqm, including a 4,000 sqm underground parking facility and additional outdoor rooftop terraces totaling 1,400 sqm.
  • INCUBA Next is being connected as an extension to the current INCUBA at Katrinebjerg, which currently houses around 60 companies on 12,000 sqm, including Norlys and Concordium.
  • INCUBA Next is designed as a sustainable building with DGNB Gold certification.
  • Construction start: Q1 2022
  • Completion: Q3 2024
  • Building design: AART Architects and ADEPT
  • Client advisor: Rambøll Danmark A/S with AART Architects as architectural consultants
  • General contractor: A. Enggaard A/S with COWI and ADEPT as advisors.
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