Start-up RoboE optimises working conditions for employees in forging and manufacturing companies

Many workers in small and medium-sized forging and manufacturing companies stand at a pillar drill doing the same repetitive and ergonomically incorrect work every day. That's why RoboE wants to develop an end-of-arm tool that can do the work for them.

RoboE consists of a technical team and a business development team. The technical team consists of three master engineers: Bjørn Hansen, Jannek Baldauf Høier and Patrick Kjær, while the business development team consists of Andreas Stensig and Mette Nordensgaard Dam Nielsen. The five co-founders jointly created RoboE in 2022.

"The idea for RoboE arose from Bjørn, Jannek and Patrick's own experiences in the labour market and was developed during their time as students. In addition, Mette Nordensgaard Dam Nielsen comes from a family of blacksmiths, where she has also experienced the great impact of working conditions from the sidelines," says Andreas Stensig.

The starting shot for RoboE sounded when the company entered the 2022 Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship, where they also won first place and money to start the company. This has also resulted in Mette Nordensgaard Dam Nielsen and Andreas Stensig having the opportunity to work full time in the company. Andreas is part of the INCUBA StartupLab in INCUBA Navitas.

"Our first meeting with INCUBA was when we had to present our pitch to Gin&Tech. Here we were met by a professional setup, where we also created new relationships with investors, mentors and others in the Aarhus startup environment. Because we have become part of INCUBA StartupLab, we have the opportunity to have an office in a professional workplace. It provides a good framework for the work as an entrepreneur, which is often very lonely," says Andreas Stensig.

RoboE is in continuous development. Right now, the company is conducting a major market survey and is finalising and testing the prototype in its own workshop. "In the near future, we want to test the product with external companies. We hope to launch within a year," concludes Andreas Stensig.

Read more about RoboE here.

18. april 2023

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