StartupLab is INCUBA's accelerator for start-ups.

+300 startups have already been through INCUBA's accelerator course

THE ACCELERATOR is a course of a maximum of 12 months, which is offered to specially selected startups, primarily within the verticals IT/tech, health and cleantech. The accelerator course provides access to the latest knowledge, the right collaborations and important contacts.

As a startup in INCUBA, you are surrounded by leading companies - startups and scaleups within IT/tech, health, cleantech as well as complementary industries and business areas.

At the beginning of the accelerator course, the following milestones are defined together with the founder (s):
• Proof of Technology
• Proof of Market
• Proof of Business model

In some cases, the Proof of Scaling Plan is also defined, but it depends on the maturity of the individual startup.

More than 300 companies have been through INCUBA's accelerator process. Of these, 8% were direct spinouts from Aarhus University. Over half had a master’s degree and 10% a PhD, while 21% had female founders. 59% still have a legal registration number.

Access to an exceptional COMMUNITY

The INCUBA community is a vibrant and innovative network consisting of early-stage startups and scaleups. Here you will find the right mix of pre-seed and seed, which gives you access to the exact knowledge, advice or capital that your company needs on the growth journey.

Our vision is to play a crucial role in the community we are building with our companies and partners. A place where the distance from thought to action is short, and where the fact that we also have fun together and meet each other at the coffee machine, helps to push your business forward.

We know that early meetings with other entrepreneurs, potential investors, mentors, and advisors are crucial for startups to make the right choices. Therefore, it is an essential part of INCUBA's accelerator process that startups early pitch their companies to investors, mentors, and advisers before the need for capital and advice becomes relevant.
We arrange informal 1:1 meetings between founders and investors. Often with some of the business angels that are part of INCUBA. In addition we regularly invite founders and teams to participate in the pitch event Gin & Tech which is one of the best opportunities in the accelerator process to expand the network to investors and advisors.

In INCUBA's community you get access to:

  • Professional events - Gin & Tech, Aarhus Investor Summit, INCUBA Talks, workshops etc.
  • Social events - Network breakfast, summer party, Christmas lottery, the DHL relay race etc.
  • Access to knowledge
  • Nice facilities
  • The startup ecosystem
  • Capital
  • Expert knowledge
  • Laboratory facilities

If you are interested in finding out more about our community, then please call or write us.

+45 2339


If you are interested in finding out more, please gives Christoffer a call.

+45 4052



We match up and set up meetings between startups and investors. In addition to a large number of business angels, both Vækstfonden and DanBan have offices at INCUBA. We therefore offer a really good network to investors - e.g., Aarhus Investor Summit.

Aarhus Investor Summit is a network, community, and several events for investors with a focus on investment opportunities in Aarhus and the entire Business Region Aarhus. There are currently approx. 150 investors in the network, which includes the entire spectrum from angels, family offices, seed and venture funds. The Aarhus Investor Summit is thus the largest and widest network for investors outside the capital area of Denmark.

Aarhus Investor Summit holds an annual physical summit with +100 participants with a focus on knowledge and networks. In addition, the physical summits involve startup pitches and matching with concrete startups. The Aarhus Investor Summit also involves a ‘Science Edition’, which is planned and executed in collaboration with Aarhus University. The event focuses on the special circumstances and rules that apply to investments in spinouts from the university.


Many startups and scaleups at some point face challenges and need advice to be able to address the problem, issue, or challenge when it appears.

Challenges that have been resolved in collaboration with our advisors:

How do I get on with my idea?

How do I get more customers?

Where can I apply for funding?

How do I apply for a patent?

How do I create the right product for my target audience?

What technologies should I (not) develop my product with?

INCUBA Advice consists of:

  • Auditors
  • Lawyers
  • Bank
  • Advice for searching for Innobooster i.a. at Erhvervshus Midtjylland and / or the Alexandra Institute
  • Advice for design thinking in the development of products, services and customer experiences at, among others, 3-Part

INCUBA Advice is a free and non-binding offer. The advisers are met per. mail and telephone.

You assess together whether there is a need to meet in person, or whether the counseling can be handled by email, telephone or virtually.

Read more about INCUBA Advice.


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“INCUBA StartupLab has had a great impact on the development of my company. Especially my mentor and founder of Trustpilot Anders Tjørnelund, has help us getting where we are today”
Felix Klastrup CEO, GameScoreKeeper former startup and currently residing in INCUBA