Become part of the INCUBA community

INCUBA’s three locations at Navitas, Katrinebjerg and Skejby are home to almost 200 companies.
With more than 50 companies moving in and out annually, there are always openings for new companies, so contact us to hear more about opportunities here and now.

Concentrate on your business – with us small companies grow bigger

As a tenant in INCUBA, you have a professional appearance externally and an efficient service set-up internally with INCUBA’s full-time reception and the many shared services:

  • Sparring, consultancy and networking from INCUBA
  • Reception services for customers and visitors, as well as post and parcel handling and telephone switchboard services
  • Modern meeting and conference facilities
  • Great cafeteria with hot dishes, sandwiches and salad bar
  • Kitchenettes and printing facilities
  • Fast broadband connection (Hotspot)
  • Free parking for employees and guests
  • Social events: DHL relay race, summer barbecue, Breakfast roulette, family Christmas party
  • Fitness, massage and hairdresser

Complete flexibility

At INCUBA you only rent the office space you require. You can always expand your office as your business grows, or scale back if required.

The price is between DKK 2,500 and DKK 3,000 per employee.

At INCUBA the rent covers both your own premises, the many common areas, they manned receptions and the services that they provide.

Price example:
  • Own desk in a shared office space for one person: DKK 3,000 per ex. VAT
  • Own office for 2 people: DKK 4,710 per month
  • Own office for 4 people: DKK 9,192 per month
  • Own office for 8 people: DKK 17,002 per month

Price examples are taken from INCUBA Katrinebjerg. Prices are excl. Danish VAT, but inclusive operating and all other expenses. The deposit is three months’ rent including on account expenses. There is a six-month notice period.

If you are interested in finding out more about office space and your opportunities in INCUBA, then please call or write to us.

+45 4177

“Moving into INCUBA has given us a really good setting for our busy work days. It’s a great relief to find that everything just works, from meeting rooms, mail delivery, reception, printers and the cafeteria. There are many exciting projects and companies here and it’s inspiring to be part of.”
Stig Dahl-Hansen, New Nordic Engineering
“INCUBA delivers a really high-level of service in all operating functions, which normally eat up a lot of an entrepreneur's precious time. This lets us concentrate 100 per cent on running our business.”
Thomas Redder Laursen, UNSILO
“With its startup network, mentoring scheme and events, INCUBA has a unique environment for growth which respectively takes our business and background as its starting point. There is a place for all fields, sizes and level of ambition."”
Christian Kruse, Baunebaal
“We chose INCUBA for our company because we wanted a professional and flexible environment. The level of service provided by INCUBA means that we can concentrate on our business.”
Jens Gadensgaard Hermann, Scanrate Financial Systems
“By having an office in INCUBA, we get access to a unique network of competences, organisations and educational institutions within the energy and Cleantech sector – so we’re therefore staying here.”
Rasmus Martens Jakobsen, TRANSITION


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