INCUBA A/S is one of Denmark’s leading development environments for ambitious and scalable companies within IT, cleantech and health. Our community stretches across three clusters in Aarhus with 200 ambitious companies and startups in top-tier facilities.

INCUBA supports development-oriented companies by creating and operating value-creating environments in collaboration with Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital and other knowledge-intensive institutions and companies.

INCUBA will be the preferred environment for professional companies at the forefront of their field and the best development environment for ambitious and scalable startups. INCUBA will be a vital link between research, education and the business world. INCUBA will play a pivotal role in the development of the academic environments that it is part of.

We draw upon more than 30 years of experience supporting knowledge-based entrepreneurship and business operations. It all began in 1986 where a group of local companies and organizations founded Science Park Aarhus A/S on the initiative of the Municipality of Aarhus’ business liaison. The mission was to encourage more researchers to found companies. Several expansions later Science Park Aarhus A/S merged with IT-huset Katrinebjerg in 2007 under the name INCUBA Science Park A/S.

Today INCUBA consists of three big clusters in Aarhus at Katrinebjerg (IT), in Skejby (Health) and on Navitas (Cleantech). The original facilities at Gustav Wieds Vej are fully rented out to Aarhus University.

INCUBA A/S is an independent limited company. It has more than fifty shareholders, with the two largest being The Aarhus University Research Foundation and the public limited company Schouw & Co.


  • Three clusters in Aarhus
  • 30.000 sqm. in total
  • Revenue in 2019: 67 m DKK
  • 200 companies
  • 1700 people
  • 72 % of the companies are growing
  • 55 % of the companies are hiring more people
  • 81 % expect an increase in revenue in 2019
  • 94 % of the companies would recommend INCUBA to others